TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

10 products to help enhance hair, skin

Glamour magazine’s Ying Chu shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a variety of beauty products that will work on everyone’s hair texture and skin tone, including mascara, blush and conditioning spray.

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>>> it's time to get beautiful. going into almost any woman's bathroom you'll find beauty products from hair spritzers to different kinds of blush --

>> everything. eye shadow . we'll simplify your beauty routine with products that work with everyone's skin types and hair texture .

>> they're featured in the magazine. hi ying. we love when you do the work.

>> we love a pallet. what happens is sometimes you get a pallet and two or three shades don't work. you don't end up using them. this is a great value. every shade is flattering. you'll use every one.

>> tell us what they're doing with their eyes?

>> both have different shades of the pallet on. start with nude, add more as you go. very different complexions. really it works beautifully on both of them.

>> oh yeah. this is fantastic.

>> i love it. very mice.

>> they're affordable aren't they?

>> they are. for 12 colors they're $52. that will last months and months.

>> look at this new contraption. tell us what to do with that thing.

>> our editors have collectively tested thousands -- definitely hundreds if though the thousands of mascaras. when we tried this upside down mascara we were hooked. gets every hair, lengthens, separates and curls.

>> this contraption looks a little funky.

>> it's easy to use. you can grab the hairs. ones you don't necessarily get with a typical brush. we fell in love with it.

>> is this your all time favorite blush of all time?

>> it is my favorite blush.

>> it looks too pink.

>> it is actually not.

>> we have two the models. alicia and nina. they work here.

>> very different complexions. it works beautifully on both of them.

>> you're right.

>> it's like a healthy flush not like they're wearing a lot of make makeup. it looks natural.

>> you look good and very natural.

>> thank you for all you do. get working on your segments.

>> every woman should have this in their bathroom and beach bag. this conditioner makes a great styler. put it on. it smooths any texture, any style. put it on damp, put it on after the beach.

>> that name has been around forever.

>> what if you have keratin, does it wreck it?

>> absolutely not.

>>> what's this?

>> the oil and blotting film. put it in your gym bag .

>> you can touch up and add a little powder, ready to go. blots sweat and oil. this lotion we found is great for everybody. dry skin , oily skin --

>> body or face?

>> for your face. it absorbs quickly. makeup can go right on. it's not heavily scented. men love it too.

>> thank you so much.

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