TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Quiz: Which iconic toy turns 50 this year?

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Barbara Hannah Grufferman from AARP, quiz fans about which toy turns 50 this year and how many languages “Fifty Shades of Grey” has been translated into.

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>>> we are back with more of today on this winesday wednesday. we're ready to play our trivia game we call "who knew." aarp is celebrating 2014 as the year of the boomer. as the last of that generation turns 50, we're testing your knowledge of all things 50. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out $100 to those that get the question right. those that don't, they get a cd. here is aarp contributor, barbara. all right. should we play?

>> good morning. let's play and celebrate everything 50 and over.

>> let's not celebrate he's wearing a bruins hat from ucla. which of the toys is celebrating the 50th birthday?

>> that's a tough one. tough one. 50? legos?

>> wrong mr. bruins.

>> all right. the correct answer is gi joe .

>> absolutely. all of these toys are still po popular with kids even now. a few were invented before the 1960s . gi joe was born in 1964 as a counter to ma tell's successful barbie. they wanted to have a little thing that boys could play with. dress up and things. that's been success is fful.

>> back across to kat. which is of the follow as good not one of paul simon 's suggested " 50 ways to leave your lover ?"

>> get a -- no. get a new job bob?

>> that's a good one too. that's a good song. she was singing in her head. that was paul simon 's first solo number one hit . simon and gar funkle got together 60 years ago and broke up years later now days there's a lot more ways to leave your lover, facebook, instagram.

>> we know that. back across to kat.

>> who's not celebrating their 50th birthday in 2014 ? rob lowe , sandra bullock , eddie murphy . not celebrating 50?

>> i would say mariska. but hoda is. that's depressing.

>> okay so the correct answer is eddie murphy . is he older or younger man 50?

>> he's already 52. all of them are turning or have turned 50 this year. in fact rob lowe turned 50 st. paddy's day. to celebrate, the aarp commissioned the artist to go around manhattan with a portrait of him. fantastic.

>> neat.

>> guess who's 50? this guy from minnesota. in the past 50 years, which ford mustang has been the most popular?

>> red.

>> that seems like a good guess.

>> good going. very popular color, the most popular ever. i had a little white used convertible ford mustang when i was like in my 20s and went around the city. the ford motor company is disassembling the newest ford mustang in april, carrying it up, transporting it up to the top of the empire state building to celebrate the 50th birthday and assembling it.

>> cool. we have time for another. go ahead.

>> lovely lady from washington state . how many different languages has "fifty shades of grey" been translated into?

>> 51.

>> with confidence, she is right. that's sad isn't it.

>> no, but good. am i the only woman in the world that hasn't read this?

>> kathie lee hasn't.

>> really? over 100 million has been sold. no surprise it's been translated to 51 languages.