TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

‘Godwink’: Teacher is surprise kidney donor for student

A substitute teacher from Pennsylvania spent a day in a kindergarten classroom, where she met a girl waiting for a kidney donor. Two weeks later, the girl’s photo and plea for a new kidney popped up on the teacher’s Facebook page. The teacher was a perfect match and gave her kidney to the little girl she only met once.

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>>> every once in a while you find people in a normal situation. in the experience of a life changing event or divine coincidence.

>> our good friend calls them god winks. he's written about them in his popular book series . he gives us the story of a woman, young girl , uncanny timing in a classroom for both. watch.

>> i like substitute teaching. my schedule can be flexible, but the one and only time in this school year i substituted in a kindergarten class was in pennsylvania. the school nurse told me about a little girl that needed special attention. a petite dark hired child on dialysis hours a day waiting on a kidney donor. i was drown to katelyn . she was quieter than the others, but had a sweet smile. her photo popped up on my facebook. i clicked and came to katelyn 's journey. her parents listed the requirements for a donor. i saw them and saw i'm a fit. same blood type, no illnesses. i checked the box. within an hour, a donor coordinator was on the phone interviewing me. there was a one in 80 chance for a match. i was asked to drive for more tests. up to this point i shared this with no one other than my husband and few friends. a month went by. a day after thanksgiving i was approved to be katelyn 's kidney donor. transplant surgery was scheduled two weeks later mid december so we could both be home for christmas . katelyn and i came by with flying colors . there was one more bonus. during the testing doctors found i had a rare condition. i had been suffering stomach cramping but never had it checked. i avoided surgery. that's a god wink. as i look back, i believe i was put in katelyn 's class that one day not by coincidence but by divine alignment.

>> we're so happy to report the transplant was successful. both doing well and had a reunion on valentine's day.

>> that's beautiful.