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TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Marilu Henner: Thankful I get to do what I love

Television veteran Marilu Henner continues her career by co-starring with Robin Williams in “The Crazy Ones” and playing a recurring role on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The actress with the amazing memory tells Kathie Lee and Hoda she loves getting a chance to grow with each role she plays.

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>>> between stents on stage, movie roles, countless tv series , books, radio show , that body, golden globe nominations.

>> she's starring along side williams in the crazy one. she has a stent on brooklyn 99. take a look.

>> my last meal on earth. that's a great question. i'd go classic french. tiny song bird eating a single bite, bones and all.

>> it's illegal to consume it but i got to eat one once. the beak, very crunchy.

>> that's literally the sexiest thing anyone has ever said.

>> love him so much. she's great.

>> you're on a role.

>> since i saw you guy, a lot of nice things. i'm so grateful. thank you god.

>> so professional. that's great.

>> the cast of the season role, they go you know what, marilou will come in, won't throw diva garbage, will remember her lines. any way.

>> i did that one episode of brooklyn. it was supposed to be just a few scenes.

>> tell us about your role.

>> it's been really fun. we end up getting -- you'll see everything that happens. the the story is unfolding.

>> it's huge. won a golden globe and everything else.

>> first year. first season.

>> this happened before with you.

>> taxi, yes. great ensemble. everyone hung out afterwards. that was really fun. it's been happy with them too.

>> now working with the en inevitable. nobody like him.

>> when i first moved to los angeles to shoot a movie with richard gear. june 27, 1977 . -- what happened was i ended up in an imp prom tu class with robin. when they wanted to cast his ex-wife who's crazier than he is, they called and offered it to me. he wanted me to do it. that will be april 17th . i play sarah michelle gel lar's ex mom. his ex-wife. ex is everywhere.

>> everything still turns you on. feels like the first time .

>> it's a great business. we get to do what we love. keep growing and changing.

>> as long as you're working it's a great business. truth is one out of 1,000 people makes it. so competitive.

>> you do that radio show .

>> everyday called marilou online. it's all over the world. we're picking up more and more stations. it's fun. i've got to do your pod cast .

>> you were supposed to but you were very busy.

>> we talk about your memory and how it's incredible. let's play a game.

>> we were going to talk about marriage, but that's fine.

>> i have three netheory. marriage is like making waffles, throw the first one out.

>> even if children are involved?

>> hopefully you do a test run. that's what happens.

>> that's harsh.

>> did you have a first one?

>> yes.

>> not really.

>> oh yes, she did.

>> number two is marriage is finding that special certain someone you know you'd love to aggravate the rest of your life. sometimes marriage is like --

>> so far this is great.

>> the third one. one you're on now?

>> one i'm on now. you'll have a happy marriage when you realize marriage isn't two people gazing longingly into each other's eyes but rather looking out over the mountain in the same direction.

>> toasting the sunset hopefully.

>> with their hands on each other's privates. it's like vision but heat. i think when you have that combination it works.

>> what day did you have