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TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Kathie Lee: I feel for Gwyneth, Chris Martin’s kids

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about the news that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are splitting up. The ladies wonder why it’s so easy for couples to get married, whereas getting divorced often takes months and years.

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>>> hello everybody. it is winesday wednesday, march 26th . delighted you're with us.

>> you know what didn't drop by? the snow.

>> i can smell snow.

>> what are you talking about?

>> i went out around 3:00 yesterday and went it's not going to snow. i can tell.

>> what does it smell, moist?

>> you're not supposed to say that word.

>> it was snowing in chatum, massachusetts. it looked crazy.

>>> shakira was outside killing it with her "hips don't lie" song. we find fans. these happened to be at the back of the bus. this was their lucky day . we picked them and moved them up front. take a look. two people are stephanie and jacob from castle rock .

>> shakira , can we steal you for one second?

>> of course.

>> these guys want to do a selfie. are you ready? cozy up. everybody up. one two, three.

>>> she rocked it.

>> they were crazy.

>> you never know what's going to happen if you come by the plaza.

>> a lot of people don't realize shakira is not just a great -- she has albums in 60 countries.

>> she has a school she started. god love her.

>>> there's sad news in celebritiville.

>> gweneth paltrow and chris martin announced -- i thought it was going to be a divorce. they have different terms. it's called conscious uncoupling.

>> that's what they call it. conscious uncoupling. they released a statement on her website called goop.

>> yep.

>> well, here's the thing. people feel a certain way about gweneth paltrow . she comes from --

>> love her mom. her dad passed away. her mom is a doll. sweetheart.

>> so terrific. i think people think -- at least the perception is -- that she's high and mighty . when you say conscious uncoupling instead of separation or divorce like regular people say. gweneth said she asked her dad years ago how he and her mom stayed together. he said we never wanted to get divorced at the same time. it kept working. they have a couple of kids.

>> people that stay married are the people that work at their marriage and decide that happiness is not just about you. it's about your children. every one of us. you've been divorced before. i've been divorced before. i'd rather be single truly the rest of my life than be unhappily married again. that i'll say. however, there was a time in my life, the last thing i wanted to be was married still. i was determined my children were never going to have a blip on their radar. i wasn't so much in love with my husband but i was in love with my children. i'm not putting other people down. that was the deciding thing for me. you know, i'm so grateful that i did you know? kids were talking about it in our production meeting today. they were saying -- there's this new thing they're trying to pass in -- explain that.

>> there's a law on the books in massachusetts okay. there's this --

>> it's a proposal.

>> a senator wants this. he wants to amend the state 's current divorce law. he says couples who are seeking divorce need to ask a judge's permission before dating or having sex in the home where a child is present. in other words, if you are separated from someone or going through a divorce proceeding, this senator thinks you should have to check with the judge before you bring somebody else home and have a relationship with them.

>> right. it's very confusing. it's easier as they get older. one of our producers who we adore. she says her parents broke up. the first time her mom had someone come pick her up for a date it was devastating for her. i don't know that we consider that all the time when we're miserable ourselves.

>> you're right. i think this bill seems totally ridiculous by the way. if someone is going to legislate who you have relationships with.

>> i think we should make it far harder to get married and easier to get divorce. a lot of people are over their marriage, but they -- it takes two years in the court system . you know what you're getting into to begin with.

>> have a few drink, go to vegas and get married. to get a divorce, you have to wait sometimes years. everyone in north korea when there are -- in new york, when there's no kids and assets, it stretches on years and years. if your marriage has been over for some time.

>> there are marriages that should end? divorce. i'm not passing judgment on anybody. never stay in a domestic violence situation ever.

>> right.

>> some things don't work. a lot of people are miserable, get divorce. then they realized the problem was me. they see it in the next relationship. they think that was the love of my life .

>> are you depressed now? how about that? this senator didn't pass it any way.

>> it makes you discuss.

>> one out of two marriages do not last.

>> by the way, chris martin , interesting. gweneth's soon to be ex will be an advisor on the voice. how about that?

>> we will get to know him. we know his music but not him as a person. he seems like a doll.

>> we never saw them together on the red carpet .

>> sometimes people do that on purpose. they want to keep something special at home and not be defined.

>> after all those years?

>> i'm sorry for them. i'm sorry for moses and apple too.