TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Al checks in with ‘6-pack’ series participants

As TODAY’s “6 Months to a 6-Pack Challenge” series continues, nutritionist Joy Bauer and fitness trainer Jeff Halevy join TODAY’s Al Roker and Tamron Hall to reveal how participants are holding up halfway through their goals.

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>>> well, now to our six months to a six-pack challenge. helping three viewers tone up and get healthy. instead of march madness , we're all about march motivation because we've reached the halfway mark.

>> that's right. kelly denola, ralph oswald are back to reveal what's kept them going the past three months and leading the pack, our own "today" nutritionist joy bauer and fitness trainer .

>> good morning.

>> so three months now into the challenge. and these guys look fantastic.

>> oh, my gosh. they look unbelievable. we're going to start with kelly who is soaring. she's doing unbelievable. she started at 177 pounds. she's now 145 pounds. she's down a total of 32 pounds.

>> that's fantastic!

>> it's amazing. but we're looking at how they're motivating themselves. get over that half way mark , how to kick it to the next level. what is kelly doing here?

>> so what i did last year about the end of winter, beginning of spring, i bought a pair of white jeans hoping to get into them by that summer. unfortunately, i didn't, i could barely get them over my knees. but instead i would just hang them on my closet door so every time i went in my closet, i could see them right there in front of me. this was my goal. now they've been there a year, i tried them on the other day and i can actually get them on.

>> really? awesome!

>> what a great moment for you.

>> that that's a smart motivator. there's nothing more inspiring than hanging front and center to keep your eye on the prize . an item of clothing, could be a pretty dress that's a few sizes too small. but at the same time, what's really important, i have in front of kelly the jeans that no longer fit her because you've got to pack up and donate the heavier clothes so that you don't slide back into old habits.

>> i just did that this weekend.

>> what did you do? cleaned out?

>> and donated to my church.

>> excellent.

>> fantastic.

>> and it's a win/win. it's a good feeling to be able to donate them, as well.

>> i think it's a great way to motivate. i think it's funny that this is actually thinner than my thigh. but it's always good to have those tactile cues. clothing as joy mentioned lets you know how your body composition is changing.

>> tamara started at 178 pounds, she's now 154 pounds.

>> wow.

>> she's down 24 pounds. tamara , what's your motivator?

>> well, i turned 40 this past december. and so -- it feels good. and being -- and the thing was it happened before the show. so it was so great to be a part of -- being a part of this show's really motivated me. but also, my family and supportive friends and my church family. and also just, you know, i'm ready to -- i feel so confident now. i feel great. i feel like i'm ready to get back into the dating scene.

>> all right. hey, now.

>> the long-term goal. which is important. she wants to whip her body into shape to get out there and date.

>> okay.

>> what's more powerful, i think, than the long-term goals, which are still terrific, are those short-term goals week to week. what i have tamara doing along with ralph and kelly is i give them these weekly challenges. they're tangible, concrete and helps to fuel their motivation so they stay on course and eventually they're going to reach their long-term goal.

>> which we can find on our website. let's get to ralph . i know you weighed ralph in before the show who looks amazing.

>> ralph started at 200 pounds, he's now 169 1/2. he's down 30 1/2 pounds.

>> wow.

>> i feel great. you know, for me, is because i'm a paramedic, i have the ability to monitor myself. and what i've been monitoring from the get go has been my blood pressure , my heart rates and my glucose levels. i have dropped 20 points on my blood pressure since i started.

>> what's more motivating than that?

>> it is fantastic. i went from prehypertensive to absolutely on