TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Wingsuit jumper on Everest leap: ‘It’s pretty simple’

Joby Ogwyn visits TODAY to talk about his plan to become the first man to jump off the summit of the world’s highest peak, wearing a wingsuit. Willie Geist will host a Discovery channel broadcast of the jump in May.

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>>> you about something really cool going to happen in may. i'll be hosting a two-hour special airing on the discovery channel produced by peacock productions called everest jump live. professional climber, attempting to become the first person to jump off the summit of the world's highest peak wearing a winged suit. and here to tell us about it. great to see you, man.

>> thanks, thanks for having me.

>> the first thing you have to do is summit mt. everest , and then you're going to jump off the peak. help me understand it.

>> well, it's pretty simple. as my complicated as it sounds, we'll do an expedition to everest , a team with discovery channel , and we will climb to the summit, i'll change from my climbing suit into my wing suit , and then i'll jump off the top, fly down and land at base camp .

>> you're going to be dropping 11,000 vertical feet traveling up to 150 miles per hour. how do you land?

>> well, that's sort of the trick.

>> yeah.

>> you know, how do you take off and how do you land? those are things, i'm going to use the suit, but there'll be accessories because the way the mountain is shaped, it's going to be top secret stuff. you have to watch the show to see how it works.

>> you know there are people out there saying, are you crazy? what are you thinking? why are you doing this? what do you have to prove to the world, man?

>> i hear that a lot, actually. every day. no, it's something i've been working on, project iv've been working on for a long time. so my goal and my dream is really to combine those two and the biggest project i could think of to do is to jump it off everest .

>> for people who aren't familiar with what exactly a wing suit is, what will this trip off the peak look like for you?

>> well, i have a lot of distance to cover. about 5 1/ 2 miles . like i said, i'm using a combination of different accessories to the suit that will allow me to jump off. sort of a multistage flight jump. the suit i'm wearing, you can see it right there. it's a little bit different. it's what we call a tracking suit. it's a smaller version of a wing suit . to have the bigger version doesn't really help me. this is very super high performance suit. and will be more like a missile when i launch off the top.

>> wow.

>> we always know what happens to missiles. so this is an interesting concept.

>> yeah.

>> and by the way, he basically speed walks to the top of mt. everest . you made it up in nine hours, something like that one time?

>> i did a few years ago. i was speed climbing, i would do it solo and i did it 9 1/2 hours from the --

>> this new show will be really cool.

>> yeah. for sure.

>> i am honored to be a part of it. i can't wait to watch you do this show. the everest jump live will air in may on the discovery channel and the world will be