TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

‘Budapest Hotel’ actor: I got slapped 42 times

Actors F. Murray Abraham and Tony Revolori join TODAY to discuss their roles in the new film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel." Revolori reveals the multiple slaps he underwent while shooting a scene.

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>>> oh, we are off to a fast start already, here. aren't we. "the grand budapest hotel" set in preworld war ii europe telling the story of a legendary concierge at a famous hotel and lobby boy.

>> the two become brothers in arms and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

>> the police are here. they asked for you.

>> tell them i'll be right there.

>> okay.

>> have you ever been questioned by the authorities?

>> yes, on one question. i was tortured by the rebel militia.

>> right. well, you know the drill then. zip it.

>> played by newcomer tony revolori. good morning to you both. the buzz around this film, tremendous. every person who has seen it, murray, loves this. the cast, everything. how does it feel?

>> i've got to tell you something. when you work with wes anderson , all you want is the best for him. you really do. do you know the book "the little prince "? well, wes anderson is a little prince grown up. am i right?

>> that's very sweet.

>> very true.

>> he's known for perfection, take after take. and honestly, you got slapped in one day like 45 times. what was that -- did you take him off that day?

>> i don't know what happened that day. i just remember arriving at set and they talked about the scene. okay, you're going to slap tony. and i wasn't there and i arrived to set, he slapped me and because wes likes 47 takes, we rounded about 42? 42 takes.

>> wow.

>> he's an ex-marine, there's no small --

>> no.

>> he went for it.

>> sounds like a day on our set.

>> yes, it does.

>> 45 slaps.

>> i did it all the time.

>> tony, you have an incredible story. you're in just about every frame of this film. you go on audition with your brother. and i understand when you got the news that you got the part, you were so excited that you sustained an injury of some kind.

>> i did. i hit myself on the top of the car. i was sitting down very excited not wearing a seat belt , which is very unsafe, you should always wear a seat belt . and i was reading this and i was so happy i jumped up and hit my head really hard. but, all the adrenaline took the pain away until later on that night.

>> he's supposed to be me.

>> he's the younger you.

>> i used to have hair.

>> you wore a wig in the film.

>> i did. and you know, i saw myself with a wig. i hadn't seen myself in such a long time. i said, i miss my hair.

>> and you lost a mustache, right?

>> i did.

>> where is it?

>> it's at home.

>> did you put it in a box?

>> i used to dry it on with an eyeliner pen. we retried it with everything.

>> fantastic.

>> i love it.

>> this movie is so special. and congratulations on all the success.

>> thank you so much. really.

>> thank you.

>> it's a pleasure.

>> f. murray abraham . and, of course, "the grand budapest hotel" in select theaters.