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TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Carson cooks classic favorites with Brandi Milloy

TODAY’s new “Fresh Cooks Live” continues with cook Brandi Milloy, who has over 44,000 subscribers on Popsugar Food’s “Eat the Trend.” She shows Carson Daly how to put a trendy spin on classic dishes like chicken wings and pizza.

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>>> with more of our week long series "fresh cooks live." today's spring cook along. and we're streaming live at more than 44,000 subscribers follow her as she creates trendy treats on pop sugar foods. take a look.

>> hi, it's brandi from pop sugar foods. on eat the trend, we find the latest food crazes. a layered green velvet cake. pancake lasagna. donut chips. and show you how to recreate them at home. have you guys heard of the ramen burger? a funnel dog, bacon, cinnamon rolls . it's the craziest thing to hit food trend since the cronut.

>> good morning to you again. we've been streaming on let's for our people watching at home, you've got a great show, you've been cooking your whole life. your father and shout him out. he's been serving our country for 40 years. you're a military brat . how has that inspired your cooking?

>> moving around every two years got me in touch with different cultures. i lived in germany, hawaii, virginia, went to yuganda for a couple of weeks. it's a great connector. it can transport you back to a memory in time. and there's something so special about cooking for people you love.

>> this is my version of connecting with the audience. i'm wearing a go pro today. this is from the farmer's market. you mentioned, this is some mushrooms and baby artichokes that's going to make up a nice warm salad.

>> yeah. i was thinking of the east coasters when i made this warm salad because i know -- it doesn't really feel like spring yet, but i think something beautiful about spring, it's all about new beginnings and trying new flavors and new ingredients. so this is just over a bed of spinach. going to add a little bit of fresh parm.

>> we've got our gang downstairs, matt, savannah, tamron, al. a super bowl /spring meal with these really hearty chicken wings that have been double fried and crusted in top ramen , which is what we all ate in college. where did you get the idea for that?

>> i have a love affair with chicken and ramen. it makes the most crispy chicken wings ever.

>> that's such a guy thing to do. i can't believe you thought of it. how does it taste down there, everybody?

>> we can't talk, we have our mouth full, carson. the chicken wings are the best.

>> big reviews on the chicken wings .

>> great sauce, too.

>> gives a little tang, a little kick and you have the seasoning from the ramen, the spiciness. it's just delicious.

>> and brandi , what do you think for home cooks online on following along. what should their inspiration be as we approach spring here on cooking?

>> be inspired by your local farmer's market. we are so lucky to have access to so many delicious ingredients. rainbow carrots, kale is in season, asparagus, talk to your local farmer's market or local farmer, bring the ingredients home and create.

>> a minute ago, you said, people i don't cook, i don't know how to cook. your answer to that.

>> then i say you can't read. because cooking is following a recipe. really listening to what those flavors are saying.

>> all right. a little over a minute now. got to get to the pizza. might have to walk us through.

>> this pizza is super simple.

>> you have the pizza downstairs, too?

>> all this is a ricotta, mozzarella. and then the asparagus, got to take a bite of this.

>> you can go to the local pizza place and they'll give you a small roll of dough.

>> and you can be inspired by whatever's in season. i use asparagus, you can add mushrooms, bacon if you wanted.

>> brandi , someone wanted to know that how you got it so crispy.

>> i put it in the oven for five or six minutes, then i flipped it over, put the toppings on and baked it one more time. that's the secret, right?

>> that's a good view of that.

>> if you're at home, this is one of the best tasting things i've ever had. the ramen has provided it for you. yet, it's still -- the double fry works as a seal to keep the juices inside.

>> it's juicy, it's crispy, it's so good.

>> it's so good. brandi , thank you so much. a reminder, go to and get the recipe. tomorrow, we're going to do another meal in under 30 minutes . thank you so much.

>>> from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker ,