TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Brides hiring ‘social media concierge’ for $3,000

A new wedding trend has gone viral: couples hiring “social media concierges” who perform such services as live-tweeting the wedding and posting images to Instagram and Vine.

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>> got married. so we may have missed the boat for her, but you could be in line for this next wedding trend. or is it an april fool 's joke? it is now offering a social media wedding concierge here in new york. here's the deal, the concierge will live tweet your wedding and reception, post pictures and video on instagram and vine and create a unique hashtag for you.

>> when it's social, do you drop the --

>> concierge.

>> what do you say?

>> well, i am from texas, and we say the person that helps you. we don't even say -- anyway.

>> concierge.

>> it sounded good how you said it.

>> really? fancy pants thing in new york city will cost you --

>> with a southern accent .

>> will cost you $3,000. is this a good idea? if it's real, would you pay $3,000?

>> no. enjoy your special day, don't spend that kind of cash to act like a celebrity and get yourself all out there.

>> you want your friends to --

>> don't you have a teenager who is a family member who will do it for free?

>> good wedding photographer and document the wedding --

>> you know what i think, think, #badidea.

>> and that is what's trending today. we are back in