TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Shakira: My son ‘teaches me so many lessons’

International pop star Shakira answers TODAY viewers’ questions, including ones about motherhood and her first job, which was in her dad’s jewelry store. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>> the voice takeover in the orange room . shakira is over there.

>> you've got to stop running, savannah. you're with child.

>> because i love shakira and my lips don't lie.

>> that's one way to get the anchors to finally come in the orange room to have shakira here this morning. it is good to have you here. we're excited for the performance on the plaza. doing a great job on "the voice."

>> you too, by the way.

>> this is the orange room . we noticed you're number two on the social rank this morning, top 5 on google today. people are excited you're here, excited about your new album. and i wonder if it had anything to do with this photo here.

>> of course, that's the whole reason.

>> this is me and shakira 14 years ago.

>> wow.

>> november of 2001 .

>> neither of you have aged.

>> and now you have a new album self-titled, it's number one and it's doing so great. congratulations.

>> thank you so much.

>> we're happy for you.

>> your fans have lots of questions. let's get to them. donna wants to know, what was the first job you held?

>> my dad used to own a jewelry store. so i think that's my first job, working there for a day or two.

>> washing diamonds?

>> one broach. that was it. we lost it.

>> write a song about it. tamara wants to know how has being a new mommy influenced your coaching? or your career for that matter?

>> well, i think, you know, one of the surprises that i've gotten from motherhood, he teaches me so many lessons. i think i've become a student in a way, you know.

>> yeah.

>> he has taught me to let go of the reins a little bit and be more punctual. he's a great little teacher .

>> you have him on the set all the time. he's great.

>> as a mentor, i think that -- i find myself nurturing my mentees a lot. i care about them a

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