TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Girl who shaved head for pal is back in school

Kamryn Renfro, 9, shaved her head in support of a friend diagnosed with childhood cancer. Citing dress code policy, her Colorado school said she couldn’t go to school until her hair grew back. Her mom took to Facebook, and the school voted to let her return.

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>>> we've got new developments tied to a controversial decision. a school out in colorado. a young girl kicked out over a touching gesture she made for a friend. here's nbc's leanne gregg.

>> 11-year-old delaney clemens knew she wasn't like the other girls in her gymnastics class. chemotherapy to treat a rare form of childhood cancer left her without hair.

>> people call me a boy sometimes. they would give me dirty looks and stare at me all the time.

>> her friend, 9-year-old cameron renfro wanted to make delaney feel less alone, so she asked delaney 's mother to shave her head.

>> i'm like, cameron , i can't do that. i've really got to talk to your mom.

>> but cameron persisted and her mom approved.

>> the right thing to do.

>> i was happy i had someone there for me, and i wasn't the only one to be bald as a girl.

>> the girls are different ages, go to different schools, but without her hair, cameron could give back a little of what chemo took away.

>> i was taken aback at such a young age she wanted to do something so bold.

>> so bold it got attention. cameron 's school in grand junction , colorado, said she couldn't go back until her hair grew back. under the charter school 's strict dress code, shaved heads are not permitted.

>> i felt bad for her because she was excited to go to school and show everybody what she did.

>> cameron 's mom took to facebook. i have to wake up a little girl tomorrow, jamie renfro wrote who is excited to go to school and talk to her peers about what she had done and why. then something else went viral.

>> we've known from the beginning they had policies and procedures, and, you know, we were trying to go about the right channels to get that changed.

>> last night, they did. the school board voted 3-1 to let cameron come back to school .

>> i thought that people might make fun of me, but now that i actually got to go to school , they actually didn't make fun of me.

>> a brave young girl who helped fight her friend's cancer and taught her school a lesson. for "today," leanne gregg, nbc news, denver.

>> we were watching that story. we all had the exact same response at the exact same moment the school board voted 3-1.

>> who's the one?

>> we need names.

>> seems like she did an