TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Inside Prince Harry’s South Pole trek

NBC gets an exclusive look inside Prince Harry’s Antarctica trek last year alongside brave wounded warriors, including four Americans. Their story is the focus of a documentary, “Harry’s South Pole Heroes,” airing Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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>>> all right. let's begin this half hour with an exclusive look at a dangerous journey. the challenge faced by prince harry and a team of veterans wounded in combat as they raced across antarctica.

>> reporter: up at nearly 10,000 feet on the antarctic plateau , prince harry and three teams of wounded veterans are racing 130 miles to the south pole . pulling 175-pound sleds for team usa are a blind paratrooper, an amputee, a survivor of a suicide bombing, and a soldier with a traumatic brain injury.

>> seems to be holding up.

>> reporter: the teams couldn't be further than where they were a month ago. before leaving for antarctica, harry arranged a very special sendoff.

>> i was excited the first time i was able to see buckingham palace . now i'm going to go inside, i'm going to meet the queen of england.

>> her face is on money. that's huge. that's amazing.

>> took myself and prince harry to the north pole .

>> shared a tent with him.

>> not looking forward to the cold. i'm from puerto rico .

>> i don't know how they're going to get me out of the sleeping bag .

>> out on the ice, it's minus 40 degrees. at this temperature, you can get frostbite in seconds. after three days of skiing, the teams are just 35 miles closer to the south pole . there are still 95 miles to go.

>> day one -- day two, i let it manifest into a blister. whatever it was has popped and coming out there, as well. and what's really weird is i can't begin to describe how sore that is. but you can't even see it. but, yeah. count myself lucky i've got feet.

>> after five days of skiing, prince harry and the british team finish stage one in first place.

>> far from the finish line , isn't it?

>> we made it.

>> thank you.

>> it's not even a third of the way there.

>> the terrain, the pace too grueling for some. something has to change. ed parker calls an emergency meeting with the support group .

>> right at the beginning of this, our aim was to get 12 winded individual on to the pole. if we go on like this, we are simply not going to do it.

>> wow.

>> you know, that race made headlines because the conditions got worse and worse and worse. and they had to take some dramatic actions just to save lives, really.

>> it's incredible. by the way, i love prince harry , find him to be adorable. but his foot blister is a bridge too far even for me.

>> i thought you were going to say he has the best granny in the world.

>> she's adorable.

>> you can see the full documentary. prince harry 's south pole heroes when it premieres tonight on nbc.