TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Send sunny snaps during winter’s last wallop

With this new, approaching storm, millions are hoping it will be their last brush with snow for a while. Send us your photos of warm places with the hashtag #Warmwishes. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>> carson, let's go back to that winter storm . and what we hope is going to be our last brush with winter.

>> well, it's been a rough winter for many of us. but if you think about it, our own dylan dreyer. she's covered 25 storms.

>> and we made her go back outside.

>> how are you holding up in general this winter, dylan ?

>> you know, you really don't get used to the cold and the wind and the snow. your fingertips are always ice cold . but i've got to be honest with you, this is one of my easier storms. when the wind is at your back, i mean, this is nothing. this is great.

>> dylan , have you thought about asking for a raise? this would be a good time.

>> and i also heard there is breaking news in hawaii, there is a storm that's coming onshore. so if you need me to cover that one, i will gladly go to the beaches of hawaii.

>> look at the guys in the background trying to secure that boat. let's go ahead. we've tracked what you've done over the last 25 storms. in case you don't know where you've been, we've put up the map with your face. chicago three times, minneapolis twice, arkansas, north carolina , two times apiece. the list goes on and on and on. we've asked people to send in via instagram and twitter to get good vibes going your way. people posted notes for you on facebook, which we have over here. and i'll read you just a couple of them. there you go. here's a note. al roker joke. a note from florida. hi from sunny south florida . my pool is under there somewhere. and we can keep them coming #warmwishes. we're thinking about you and hopefully the last punch of winter. back to you guys.

>> it's so sweet of us to show her pictures of warm places asking her to stand more time in the cold. and disguise it as warm wishes.

>> all right, dylan .