TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Police: Man robs same store after 15 years

Cops say a man again robbed a Stride Rite store in N.J., and is back behind bars. Only hours before, he’d walked out of a prison after serving 15 years for robbing the same store.

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>>> and so much for learning from your mistakes. police say a man walked out of a new jersey prison last week after serving 15 years for robbing a children's shoe store. they say he hopped a bus and headed straight back to the same stride rite store in toms river and robbed it again. in 1999 christopher miller was arrested for forcing employees to the back of the store and splitting with the cash, he's 40 years old now and old habits die hard because police say he did it again and is back in jail just hours after he was released. 7:16. it's so tragic you can't even laugh. it's insane.

>> i read about this. and apparently, there was the same clerk. i read this in the paper. same clerk working in that store, said she saw him walking in and recognized him immediately.

>> crazy.

>> that's the craziest story i've heard all day.

>> there has to be some issues. well, obviously.

>> been thinking about that for