TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Mom of Flight 370 passenger: ‘I still have hope’

Up to 122 objects, possibly related to Flight 370, were spotted in satellite images of the southern Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, Sondra Wood, the mom of passenger Philip Wood, says she is still hoping her son will be found. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> minutes. but our top story this morning, the satellite images of possible debris described by malaysia's defense minister as the most credible lead yet in the hunt for malaysia air flight 370. nbc's keir simmons is in kuala lumpur . good morning to you.

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. these objects have been seen on these french satellite images 1,500 miles from the coast of australia, 122 objects to look for the search by air and sea gets underway again today after weather prevented searching yesterday.

>> reporter: 12 aircraft took off this morning looking for 122 objects now spotted in satellite images . some debris as much as 75 feet in length, the malaysian transportation minister said this morning. the images he said will help the rest of the difficult search.

>> they don't know where he is. and they're not going to know, it looks like for quite a while.

>> reporter: for now, the parents of phillip wood from texas don't even have their son's body to bury.

>> i'll miss him. i already do. but i still have hope. either way, i have hope.

>> relatives serious and looking to the u.s. courts to help.

>> the first petition. after a search hampered by confusion. today, this cargo plane was thought to deliver an unmanned deep water submarine and sonar from the u.s. but using them is itself a slow process.

>> i like to think of it like mowing the lawn. you want to cover every bit of the sea surface.

>> while the families are left waiting again. come home fast, daddy, days the daughter sending him messages on twitter. and yesterday, physically and mentally tired. still hoping for a miracle. phillip wood's folks saw him for a week on a recent trip home. they hadn't spent that kind of time with him for years.

>> don't ever forget to hold close the people you love. and certainly god gave me that opportunity with phillip that last week.

>> reporter: just behind the daily headlines, so crucial, such crucial news. families still coming to terms with the news they heard a few days ago, matt.

>> back to this new possible debris connected to this flight. the french satellite images taken on march 23rd . is this the exact same area where the other two pieces of debris or objects we're seeing about a week ago?

>> reporter: it is the same kind of area. 1,500 miles off the coast of australia. and we are beginning to hear, matt, some news from some flights coming back. we're hearing that three objects were spotted, two of them thought to be rope. another p3 aircraft spotted a blue object. apparently they go back around and they can't find those objects they saw previously. so we've said many times it's an incredibly difficult area to search. that continues to be the case. the ships and aircraft will be going to where these objects were spotted by the french satellite. the question is, can they find them, matt?

>> keir simmons , i heard an expert talking about the current in that area of the south indian ocean that objects can move 3 feet per second. that's how strong the currents are.

>> incredibly frustrating for the searchers.