TODAY   |  March 25, 2014

Achoo! Natural remedies, foods to treat allergies

Lynya Floyd from Family Circle magazine and Dr. Tasneem Bhatia explain how folks can treat seasonal allergies by avoiding the outdoors when pollen counts are high, using a neti pot, and eating more pineapples and apples.

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>>> while it doesn't feel like winter is over here in the northeast, spring is in the air that means one thing, seasonal allergies.

>> if you're one of the 40 million people who suffer from them, we have relief for you with the help of board certified physician kathleen bacha who focuses on healthy natural living.

>> and editor lynn floyd.

>> hello, ladies.

>> allergies delayed this year, right?

>> all the reports are saying this allergy season is going to be killer just because --

>> because it is coming so late.

>> it is counterintuitive. you would think we had all this cold weather , the pollen count should be lower, but with the snow and the rain, those plants are ready to bloom and spread the pollen wherever they need to.

>> i'm not stopping them. we welcome them.

>> yeah.

>> so what do we have to worry about? as soon as the spring starts popping, what are some of the main allergens people need to worry about?

>> three main groups of allergens. go ahead and jump in.

>> we want to worry about grass, worry about --

>> what should we do? if it ever shows up.

>> we're worrying about pollen and ragweed. once those come into effect, you want to do anything you can to stop them from bothering you. there are simple solutions, as soon as you get in your house, washing your hair so you're not bringing the outdoors in.

>> any natural remedies you can use?

>> there are so many great natural remedies , a list to go through with you. don't forget too the trees will also be a source of spring allergies.

>> a lot of people get tested. my daughter was having a terrible time. i took her to be tested. her back exploded with all the trees. you can find out exactly which trees you are too.

>> exactly. we were talking about the most common ones. what is most common is what is common for you. talk to your doctor.

>> tell us about other natural ways.

>> there are great natural remedies to help you fight allergies. the nettie pot , wash that pollen out of your system.

>> in up with nostril and out the other.

>> you got it.

>> be careful you're using the saline solution , you're not using tap water. a lot of people ran into nettie pots, getting infections.

>> what else?

>> the saline spray, same idea, keep the science cavities irrigated, get the pollen out of your system. and hepa filters. a lot of us talk about hepa filters, important for removing pollen from your home, not only as a air purifier , but vacuum cleaner .

>> you need to put one in every room, that's expensive.

>> you can usually put them in your central unit. you can put a hepa filter in your central unit and have one in your vacuum cleaner .

>> there are foods that can help you if you are an allergy sufferer.

>> one thing you want to do is go through the colorful fruits and vegetables and dark leafy greens . the antioxidants in the foods are going to help you.

>> let me walk you through this. we have this whole table full of great allergy fighting foods. pineapple, natural antihistamine, clarsitin stimulates the immune system .

>> that's in apples.

>> that's in apples. the omega 3 fats. we talk about them all the time, they have a allergy prevention. chia seeds are the new super food .

>> tell us about what is at the end.

>> here at the end are the things we want you to avoid. really lower sugar.

>> sugar.

>> want to keep sugar under 60 a day. half a can of coke or one glass of wine. i'm so sorry. and you also want to keep dairy low. dairy thickens mucous. it will keep all that drainage and congestion in you. and finally gluten, we think more of --

>> gluten is inflammatory.