TODAY   |  March 25, 2014

Timothy Olyphant: Secret to ‘Justified’ is writing

Emmy-nominated actor Timothy Olyphant, who played one of Sarah Jessica Parker’s lovers in “Sex and the City,” takes the law into his own hands as a U.S. marshal in the TV show “Justified.” He jokes that he doesn’t talk to his wife about sex scenes in his projects.

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>>> emmy nominated actor timothy olyphant appeared in " sex and the city " where he played one of sarah jessica parker 's many lovers, to a director trying to cast goldie hawn in "the first wives club" which also starred kathie lee .

>> i stole that movie. he doesn't even know i was in it. i stole it from you.

>> i know. i knew that. i knew that. the cops are after you.

>> they were.

>> you can find timothy in the seried "justified" where he played deputy u.s. marshall raylan givens who sometimes finds the need to take the law into his own hands.

>> you went to allison's, and you show it down.

>> show it down like cowboys.

>> started blasting without thinking because you're a chicken. not used to doing the dirty work . that's sad. as in pathetic. where it gets real tragic is when you saw on the news who it was you shot, and panicked.

>> what happens right after that?

>> yeah, right after that? what happens?

>> we shoot each other. no one is going to see it coming. until now. until now. now that i think about it, i probably shouldn't have said that. even when you know it is coming --

>> you're a guy that loves what you do?

>> i do. what's not to like? people pay me to do this.

>> people are tortured. they're tortured artists. you don't seem like one of those.

>> no.

>> married, three kids.

>> yeah, that's the part that doesn't allow me to be tortured. they have no patience for that.

>> how old are your kids?

>> i tried for a while.

>> how old are your kids?

>> hold on, it will come to me. they're 14, 12 and 10.

>> any of them want to get into acting?

>> the youngest.

>> how do you feel about that?

>> as long as she doesn't want to do it for a living for a while, we'll be good. yeah. nobody wants kids on set.

>> talk to us about "justified".

>> right?

>> we'll go right by that.

>> not really.

>> not the kids on the set, so much as their parents. i don't want to be that parent. so we're not going to do that. she's like 20 something, she can do whatever she wants.

>> i know exactly what you're talking about. i know. hoda won't let us .

>> let's talk "justified." this has been on -- what are you thinking about?

>> i'm thinking about "justified".

>> it caught a lot of people's attention. you must get that a lot. what is the secret sauce ? what keeps that thing happening?

>> television writing is all about the writing, all about the stories. and then, you know, you just try to get out of the way. look at that.

>> camera men talking again. when you get a script, timothy, and what is it -- obviously it is the writing. do you ever listen to the other people in your life, your wife, your agent, your manager? is there something in your gut that says i got to do this, i don't care what they pay me or i got to work with this director.

>> i don't really know. we don't have those -- my wife --

>> does she know what you do for a living?

>> how was work, honey, really good, anyway --

>> like that. she doesn't ask you after you slept with sarah jessica, she didn't ask you about that?

>> i did not sleep with anyone. what are you talking about?

>> on the show.

>> on the show.

>> oh, that i remember. that i remember.

>> you didn't tell her a little bit about that?

>> no. that doesn't get brought up over dinner, no.

>> the kids are sitting there hopefully.

>> yeah, no. you know, we got other things going on. we don't talk about it too much. i mean, i probably talk about it, if she were here, she would say, what are you talking about, you talk about it all the time, you're driving me crazy. but i don't think about those decisions too much. i just read something good, you try to get your hands on it.

>> we appreciate the work you do. everything we have ever seen you in, you're so good. the first time meeting you and now we think you're incredibly charming.

>> thank you. appreciate it.

>> nice to see you. all the best. it airs tonight. watch him kill the guy