TODAY   |  March 25, 2014

Study reveals best dance moves to attract women

Researchers looked at the science of dancing, and say they've figured out which dance movements catch a woman's eye, and what women look for in a dancing partner.

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>> today the rocket man turns 67, happy birthday .

>> happy birthday .

>> not only that, but his landmark album "good-bye yellow brick road " is celebrating its 40th anniversary and a remastered version is being released today. and we're going to share favorite songs from the album. a song that actually came out in '73 but radio stations banned that song from being played on the radio. they thought it would incite violence. just a great song. really against the grain of what elton really did as a singer/songwriter. one of my favorites.

>> you should host a music show.

>> i love him.

>> matt, we have the same song.

>> start with the piano. " bennie and the jets ." great song.

>> nice.

>> i like "good-bye yellow brick road ."

>> yeah. good-bye yellow brick road

>> i'm going to lip sync not sing. that's for your, america.

>> mr. roker?

>> i love " funeral for a friend ."

>> yeah.

>> i don't care i know that one.

>> there you go.

>> option number one.

>> that's right.

>> anyway, 40 years of " yellow brick road ." congratulations, you're still the man.

>> definitely.

>> and we want to know what you think, by the way. i want to tell you we've got an exclusive interview with elton coming up. it's going to be monday right here on "today." we'll be talking about that for this anniversary. that shot taken at elton 's home in london a couple of years ago.

>> nice.

>> yeah.