TODAY   |  March 25, 2014

How to get people to read your emails

The Wall Street Journal offers tips on how to get someone to read your emails, including using the word “you,” instead of “I,” making it about the other person to get their attention.

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>> what is the first thing you do after you finally wake up? all right. a lot of people check your e-mail, right?

>> yeah.

>> but we get bombarded with so many, how can we make sure your e-mails get ready by the person you're sending them to? first, use the word "you," instead of i had so much fun last night, make it about the other person. that will make most people think, i've got to read that. thank you for a great trip. thank you, grab the reader's attention. skip the bland lines like formal report for review and go right to i need your feedback. keep it short, avoid subject lines like when are we finally going to catch up? because the answer's usually never.

>> never.

>> in favor of let's do lunch.

>> you know, my favorite subject line is just you. people will always open that.