TODAY   |  March 25, 2014

Is hitting ‘snooze’ a good way to wake up?

Dr. David Dinges of the University of Pennsylvania says those extra 10 minutes you get from snoozing can help to gently awaken the mind.

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>>> all right. we're back at 8:12. here's "what's trending today." are you snooze hitters? do you hit snooze on the alarm?

>> i've never hit a snooze . i don't have a snooze button on my alarm.

>> snooze interval. set automatically?

>> i hit it once.

>> i have to tell you, that's like, to me, setting a bomb. to press snooze is dangerous, right?

>> absolutely.

>> a lot of people do it, though. we asked you on facebook how many times you hit snooze in the morning. nearly half of you said never. it's a long debated question. do you get more sleep? well, apparently, you're not getting more sleep. the university of pennsylvania did some research, says the ten minutes that extra ten minutes does help. instead of jolting the mind awake, snoozing gently eases the body -- what are you laughing about?

>> calling dr. zingus.

>> that's why we hit snooze .

>> all right.