TODAY   |  March 25, 2014

Legal analyst: Steenkamp texts ‘significant’

TODAY’s legal analyst Lisa Bloom says the revelation that Reeva Steenkamp sent texts saying that she was afraid of Pistorius could be important to the case, but also points out there was no evidence of physical violence in the texts.

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>> bloom, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> these text messages come at the end of the prosecution presenting its case. they talk about reeva steenkamp's anxiety about the relationship, her fear about his temper and the way he treats her. are they a game-changer in your opinion?

>> i think they are significant. any time a woman says she's afraid of her boyfriend, i think we have to take that seriously. and she says that very clearly in the text messages . on the other hand, matt, what she's afraid of is his jealous and anger and the verbal altercations they'd had a number of times. there's no evidence of any physical violence in the 35,000 pages of text messages , at least that's been introduced in the trial thus far.

>> and also, keeping in mind that 90% of those text messages are communications are loving and kind.

>> right. yes. positive. and you have to ask yourself in relationships that we are all in, are 90% of our text messages with our partner positive? so that's what we're talking about here. we're talking about a couple, sure, that had arguments, volatile moments. but overall, it was a very positive relationship .

>> there was more testimony in court about another incident involving a gun at a restaurant where oscar pistorius accidentally fired a weapon in that restaurant and then coaxed friends into taking responsibility for it. so in other words, he is involved in a cover-up of sorts. how will the judge view that in the context of murder of reeva steenkamp?

>> well, i think that undercuts his credibility. he was involved in the commission of a gun crime and he's asking people to cover up for him. that does not look good. it certainly undermines his professional image, the image the world had of him and i think that does harm him.

>> and jeff rossen said if the defense decides to call oscar pistorius to the stand, he has to go. do you think it's their only option?

>> i think he has to. he has to support his story that he really and truly thought it was a burglar. i think it's a farfetched story to begin with. he doesn't even look to his side if his girlfriend's in bed with him if he shoots through a locked bathroom door. he's got to persuade the judge that's the case. but i don't think overall i don't think the prosecution has made a strong case for premeditated murder . i don't know they have that beyond a reasonable doubt . i think this is a negligent homicide case.

>> lisa bloom , thank you very