TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

3 ways to make money from used toys, clothes

Nina Willdorf from All You magazine explains how you can sell gently used clothing, accessories and electronics on websites like and, and suggests making money from at the store Once Upon A Child.

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>>> this mondey saving money.

>> lena waldorf is here to show us how to get started with three of our crack producers.

>> we're all about helping you shop smarter and big week for us, we're going fully national on newsstands. so you can find us everywhere.

>> we're going to do clothes, electronics and baby stuff. let's start with donna and clothes, right?

>> this bag i got a couple of years ago. it is gently used, really spacious, you can compile a bunch of stuff in it. and actually -- they still sell it in stores and this dress i got, on sale, i knew fit well, kind of generic but has a crazy pattern.

>> basically what we're going to do with these items, we took them to thread, a website and app, you post pictures of your items and other people come and buy them from you through the site, they take a 20% commission. they told us you would get $75 for the set. it was originally $178. that's an amazing deal.

>> the dress?

>> the dress, we love this because it -- $35. we all have, a no name designer.

>> but adorable.

>> we got to scrooge.

>> good job, donna.

>> all right, what do you got, babe?

>> i have a 3-year-old ipad here, but i produce the what's trending today segment every day at 8:10, watch, week days, here on nbc.

>> are you --

>> $499. we took this to a website called buy my, you type in the item, they give you a price quote, you mail it in to them with free shipping. they told us we would get $207 for this ipad. and you do have to clear it, but that's not that hard. and so just be super honest about the condition of your device because if it has a crack or anything, they'll send it back and you won't get the money.

>> so jamie is one of our producers. clearly --

>> we have three kids and my life is cluttered. so here we go.

>> everything is brand-new.

>> let's look at jamie's kids.

>> okay, anyway.

>> they are adorable.

>> a tricycle i bought two years ago and i have three of them, so i need to get rid of one. this is about a year and a half old.

>> everything is --

>> this bomber jacket .

>> so win-win. you're going to clear out your closet, make money. we took this to once upon a child, a consignment store , 200 odd locations around the country. they said we could get $15 for the tricycle, not bad. $10 for the bomber jacket . and then $25 for the snow suit. $50, the reality is you're making money .

>> i would have paid more for the little bomber jacket .

>> i know.

>> so cute.

>> great tips like this.

>> thank you, congratulations.