TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

5 wine tricks to impress your friends

British television host Tim Shaw combines science and engineering to amaze audiences on the National Geographic show “None of the Above.” He shows how to get a loose cork out of a wine bottle and an easy way to vacuum wine back into a bottle.

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>>> if you're looking for a fun new show to watch, check out national geographic channel 's " none of the above ".

>> tim shaw hits the streets across america to show off cool tricks and experiments using science and challenges the people he meets and the viewers at home to figure them out.

>> today he's here to challenge us.

>> that shouldn't be a stretch.

>> are you ready for this in.

>> we're ready.

>> what are we doing?

>> here is the challenge. cork in bottle, you can get cork out of the bottle using a selection of one of these things in front of you. you can use anything. you got the thing --

>> air.

>> you got to --

>> i'll try this thing.

>> i'm stuffing it.

>> i'm trying this thing. you have to get it -- just like fishing.

>> what's that? you didn't say a bag?

>> i'll show you. so, in goes the bag, okay? look at this. check it out. now, open up the bag and in goes some breath from my mouth.

>> breath?

>> i like it.

>> who wants the cork after that.

>> nobody. whatever. do it.

>> okay. all right. now this is live. nobody ever does live experiments on television for a reason.

>> you do.

>> hang on a minute. we're having a few issues, wait, wait, wait --

>> that's what you get.

>> you get it. you do that and then pull it down and it pulls the -- but it is not.

>> oh, i'm sorry.

>> can i have a round of applause? thank you very much. watch the show.

>> i can't do that. i'll do that one later.

>> okay.

>> this is a simple one. what i want you to do is you can see that was just a beer bottle with a bent cap in it. very simple. i will buy you girls each -- blow that into there, if you can do that, i'll buy you each a case.

>> okay. one, two --

>> what are you doing?

>> you're blowing it out.

>> i know.

>> he said blow it in.

>> i didn't say suck it. what are you doing?

>> we're blowing.

>> give it another go.

>> do it from the side.

>> not well.

>> what are you doing over there?

>> trying to work out your microwave. hang on.

>> so far, tricks aren't working! what are you doing?

>> what are you doing?

>> have you managed it yet?

>> what's wrong with you? come on.

>> all right, there we go.

>> all right. you got it?

>> no.

>> what happened?

>> we kept blowing and it comes out.

>> let me give you an easy one. ready for this one?

>> all right.

>> watch this.

>> oh, my gosh. you must have a great show.

>> this one is easy, all right. okay. an olive each, okay. what i want you to do is get the olive into the glass, one glass each. get it into the glass without touching the olive. go. you've got 20 seconds. is this actually happening? no, no, no. let me show you.

>> come on. watch this.

>> check this out.

>> oh!

>> oh, yeah.

>> better turn it quick.

>> oh!

>> well, that was illuminating.

>> right. wait. this is the one. let me have that -- so in here, i have --

>> yeah.

>> okay. check it out. what happens when i put it in there. that's hot, that's cold.

>> i don't know. do it. i'm scared.

>> this is cool.

>> whoa!

>> thank you very much.

>> tonight on national geographic channel .