TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Idina Menzel laughs off John Travolta Oscar flub

Chris Witherspoon from discusses Eminem selling more than 2 million copies of “The Marshall Mathers LP2” and singer Idina Menzel responding to John Travolta flubbing her name at the Oscars.

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday for "today's buzz" and all the hollywood scoop you may have missed.

>> to get us caught up on the celebrity news is entertainment editor and host of the dish at the, chris witherspoon.

>> we like this guy.

>> i love you.

>> so lady gaga made a little news with her new video.

>> a video on dateline saturday night called guy, stands for girl under you. the video is super long, 11:40 long. it had cameos with andy cohen , beverly housewives, jesus and gandhi. it is crazy. we expect nothing less from lady gaga . it was her longest video. i had to take two coffee breaks for snacks. it is a great video. her second video from her album that dropped in november. "art pop." great to see her back.

>> just disappointing --

>> not as big, but this is getting buzz. 8 million views on youtube.

>> the michael jackson look-alike there.

>> they haven't commented on the -- reaction from the video, but it is great. she has jesus, gandhi, michael jackson .

>> all iconic figures.

>> yeah. we expect lady gaga to be in her own world with her artist vision and see that here.

>> so what is happening with eminem ? he's in the headlines?

>> eminem is breaking records . he's the number two best-selling male artist of all time according to soundscan.

>> what?

>> it is amazing. he dethroned george strait , number two and garth brooks , country music star, number one still. this is great for eminem . he had a lot of ups and downs . this album that he has out now is a tenth album. we're excited for him. he sold two albums of each of his albums so far. 2 million.

>> your friend idina --

>> idina menzel talked to a hollywood reporter and she has no bad with john travolta . he called her adele dazeem. i love that name, by the way. she's hotter than ever and she said to her hollywood reporter , she has only benefitted from it. he sent her an e-mail, gorgeous flowers and they're friends now. they're all buddies and it is all cool.

>> for the first time in 18 years, she's a top ten billboard --

>> she's a sweet girl. she'll be here with us next week. let it go let it go

>> we'll practice singing.

>> so at the movies, a couple of surprises at the box office .

>> "divergent," this new young adult film, it is amazing, everyone is praising shailene woodley , she's phenomenal. brought in $46 million, surprising for this film. people --

>> it didn't do as well. another film called "god's not dead" that came in fifth place, a lot of great buzz.

>> i heard a lot of great buzz about that film.

>> too bad you won't hear any of it here.