TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Fan: KLG, Hoda ‘put a smile on my face’

Cara Weiss from Maryland is surprised by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb with a trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for being a super fan. To make sure she doesn’t miss the show, Cara tunes in via three different TVs in her home.

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>> it's doing it. it landed in potomac, maryland. my sister was born there, with carol weiss. hey, carol.

>> hi, carol. oh, my god. before we tell you what you won, we want to tell you why you've been chosen. carol has been a big "today" show fan, she developed what she calls a healthy obsession with the fourth hour.

>> she worked our show into every aspect of her morning routine, has it set up in your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom so she doesn't miss a thing.

>> carol, we like your house. can you hear us?

>> yes, i can.

>> hi, sweetie.

>> and watches at the gym, clears her schedule at the office. this is not a healthy obsession.

>> this is hysterical. i love it.

>> they say her friends and co-workers know never to interrupt her.

>> that means a lot to us, thank you. why?

>> you make my day so happy. you put a smile on my face when i watch it.

>> enough about joe manganiello . all right, you really seem to be dedicated so we wanted you to know we're so grateful and we have a trivia question for you, even though you already have won. you ready?

>> which of the following is not a regular kathie lee and hoda segment. bobbie's buzz, everyone has a story, hope to it or ambush makeover makeover.

>> every week?

>> i think all of those are on every week --

>> except for hope to it.

>> the third one.

>> yes.

>> that's all right.

>> you know where you're going?

>> you and a guest -- you're going to -- you're going to the hard rock hotel and casino in biloxi located in the beautiful mississippi gulf coast . four days, three nights, you'll take in sights from your ocean view room, explore the pool, the casino, concert venues.

>> it is fun. you can relax in the luxurious rock spa and enjoy dining options, hotel and air accommodations furnished