TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Joe Manganiello lets KLG, Hoda feel his chiseled arms

Actor Joe Manganiello stars in the new action thriller “Sabotage” as a member of a DEA task force who busts up a drug cartel. He tells Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that he currently has no girlfriend and no tattoos.

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>> in the med down for nine years and they found it.

>> they will this too. him as the hunkie werewolf from "true blood", now he's sinking his teeth in a new role.

>> grinder, a member of an elite dea task force in the upcoming very fast paced film called "sabotage." we can't even show a clip, huh?

>> it is action-packed is a good way to describe it.

>> i don't know which one would be appropriate. you have to cut and edit that thing.

>> we saw some, first 15 minutes you're just -- you're on this wild ride.

>> heart racing.

>> very much. tell us about it.

>> well, it is really fast-paced action, david ayer , known for writing "training day", the first " fast and the furious ." he became a director and loved this movie even more. he was at the top of the list that i gave my agents of directors i wanted to work with.

>> you're a big strapping guy anyway, but you seem to have gotten even bigger for that role. did you?

>> i gained 20 pounds for it. when you know you're going to be on screen with your action movie icon childhood hero arnold schwarzenegger , you better bring it.

>> in the beginning of the film, you walked in and out of the frame and all you saw was your arm.

>> it takes up the whole screen. good for you.

>> thank you, yes.

>> that's real, baby. no faking that stuff.

>> you felt it before when i was here for " magic mike ".

>> there are some perks to this job.

>> and you have tattoos, there was a method to that, you picked all the tats.

>> they all told a story. my character was marine and so there were a few that kind of signified that. i saw him as a bit of a rattlesnake when he lashes out. there was a rattlesnake skeleton. i had an arrow going through my shooting arm.

>> you are a softie.

>> yes, you --

>> yeah, right.

>> that begs the question, do you have a real one?

>> do havei have a real one? i'm single. a tattoo? what are we talking about right now?

>> do you have a tattoo?

>> no, nobody cares .

>> let's back up.

>> let's go back. you don't have a tattoo. do you have a girlfriend?

>> no tattoos, no girlfriend, done, there we go.

>> last time you had a beautiful one.

>> that was a while ago, was it? yeah. that was the one -- yeah.

>> too busy? i hate when actors say that.

>> you got to find time for love. you can always find time. if it is the right one, it is the right one. it doesn't matter. it will just work out.

>> look at that.

>> will there be a magic mike 2?

>> oh, yeah. you know.

>> there has got to be. and you did another little film, on real strippers, which i guess, channing actually was for a while there, you did a documentary on these guys from --

>> financed and directed a documentary called "la bare" that i produced with my brother. i get to work with my brother, one of my great joys of my life. we shot this movie, funned it out of pocket and called "la bare", like the real life magic --

>> not the hairy kind, the --

>> comes out june 27th in theaters.

>> might have to come back and see us.

>> i'll come back, maybe bring some friends with me.

>> yes.

>> yeah. but we want them waxed before they get here.

>> they'll be all lubed up, ready to go. can i say that on morning tv ?n

>> yes.

>> i don't wax. i have like no body hair whatsoever, other than my beard. stops right there and --

>> that's kind of weird, isn't it?

>> yeah.

>> okay.

>> when you're armenian and sicilian --

>> you would think there would be quite a bit of hair.

>> a lot of hair. and none up here.