TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Make braised pork 5 different ways

Chef Sara Moulton shows TODAY how to take braised pork and transforms it into four satisfying dishes that will keep your family fed for the week.

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>>> monday. it's slow cooker monday. and making a delicious dinner for tonight that you can transform into four more meals for the rest of the week.

>> we've got two words for you, braised pork. here's three more, weeknight meals, here to share easy recipes. pork shoulder and slow cooker were made for each other.

>> this is true. first of all, slow cooker should not be left just for the wintertime. you can make dishes throughout the summer and throughout the whole year. we're going to go into different seasons and different nationalities.

>> nice.

>> well --

>> mix it up so much. let's start with our cuban style braised pork. do you want to help and dump these things in here? orange rind.

>> lots of garlic.

>> love that.

>> this is orange, and we have oregano and cumin.

>> tell us about the cut.

>> okay. this is pork shoulder. the reason, i'm sorry, al. this is a tough cut and it really does very well. that's good. not that. that's good. i'm going to quick rub this on.

>> and you need it for the slow cooking process?

>> you need a tough cut and a fair amount of fat because it keeps it moist and wonderful.

>> one side?

>> on this side and put a little bit more because i don't want to wear it when i put it in. i'll wear it anyway. i'm garnishing myself not you. and what makes this cuban is the citrus, oregano and a seasoning you can find these days --

>> everywhere.

>> you know what i'm talking about. let me hose down a little bit. and now we're going to add -- when i said citrus, orange juice and lime. you could use bitter orange if you can find it.

>> is there a cooking oil in there?

>> you don't need it. and that little amount of liquid with the pork. this is a whole meal. we've got carrots, potatoes and onions.

>> i love these one dish things.

>> how much liquid it produces is about 4 cups. you put the slow cooker on low for about ten hours.

>> beautiful.

>> but i want to point out something. a slow cooker is about the wattage, 75 watt bulb. if you're worried about leaving it on, don't worry.

>> could you leave them in -- put them in later?

>> no, take them out and crisp them on top in a nonstick pan. that's night one. night two is a pork -- asian pork salad. a lot of vegetables. what makes kids -- you see this orange? it's a carrot ginger dressing, like you get in a japanese restaurant . and kids love that. and al, you want to crumble up some ramen noodles .

>> very nice.

>> that's night two. we went asian. night three, we're going mexican. this is pizole from mexico.

>> what is it?

>> it's a pork stew. corn that's been treated, it loses -- isn't that yummy? anyway, it puffs up, it's yummy, what you turn into grits. and what's fun about this, everybody gets their own bowl of soup for supper. this is all leftover, you could add some of that to it ask garnish your own plate. now we're heading to italy.

>> okay.

>> here we've got ravioli. my secret is wanton wrappers. find them in the frozen food section or dairy section. you can fill them with anything you want. boom, very easy with the marinara sauce .

>> are those wheat or rice --

>> do you have a gluten person?

>> yeah.

>> you could use rice wrappers.

>> and we're in the mediterranean and we've got pita that's been crisped up and topped with humus. there you go.

>> five days.

>> and around the world!

>> thank you so much. recipes on the website. we're back in a moment. first is "today" on nbc.

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