TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

‘Blacklist’ star reveals ‘embarrassing’ secret

Ryan Eggold joins TODAY to chat about his role on NBC’s hit drama “The Blacklist,” and reveals that he can’t whistle.

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>>> all right. if you're a fan of the nbc series "the blacklist," you've been dying to find out the real deal about this tom keene character.

>> all right. so we thought he was just a fourth grade teacher married to the main character . agent lizzy keene, but recently revealed tom has a dark secret .

>> wow. as you may have suspected, he's not really a quiet, supportive husband, but an agent. and lizzy is his target.

>> do you have a second?

>> yeah. what's up?

>> i'm following up leads on julian's case and came across an address.

>> what's the address?

>> 1896 la vista street.

>> never heard of it.

>> it's not her home address, maybe her fiancee's.

>> i think you're cutting out. hey, can you hear me?

>> tom?

>> okay. got to go.

>> every husband does that. okay. this dark now assassin was an agent. did you have any idea this was coming?

>> don't give me the wrong look because, you know, i've been training, you know. no, i had some idea this was going to happen. but, of course, i didn't know the exact way that it was going to go. and it's still sort of taking shape now.

>> this is a show that has no problem killing people off.

>> no.

>> does that make you worried at all?

>> sure. certainly it does. but i think the exciting thing about tom is there's a lot more to go. i mean, there's so many secrets on the show and there's a lot we're going to answer at the end of this season. those answers, of course --

>> that's a cliffhanger.

>> questions and further avenues to go down.

>> this show has exploded. i mean, from the first episode, a lot of us said, oh, my gosh, it's great, we talked about it the morning after. a lot of it is your relationship with elizabeth keene. a lot of it is james spader , as well. what makes it so compelling?

>> you introduce everything on the surface and meet all these characters and go, oh, wait, he has a secret and she's lying, and all of those sort of layers we can continue to pull back which is what i think is interesting about it.

>> it's all about secrets. what's one thing we don't know about you?

>> goodness. i'm wearing women's underwear.

>> oh.

>> prove it.

>> can we cut that out? it's a brazilian thong . i got it on --

>> the dental floss thing?

>> we're going to a whole new level thing.

>> can we dim the lights now?

>> oh, wow. oh, i like this.

>> oh.

>> who is tom keene ?

>> oh, i can't, i can't. don't --

>> does tom love lizzy ?

>> i can't answer that.

>> who does tom keene work for? are tom's glasses even prescription?

>> they are --

>> can tom keene whistle?

>> i cannot whistle.

>> can ryan eggold whistle?

>> i cannot whistle.

>> he found his weakness.

>> cut to the core of me.

>> catch "the blacklist" tonight on nbc.

>> tonight there's an amazing episode. that i know. but that's all i can tell you.

>> cover your right eye and see if you can read this.

>> j-u-s -- i need glasses.

>> ryan eggold , thank you so much. bring back the lights.

>> is this dragnet?