TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Al and Willie spoof Kim and Kanye Vogue cover

In TODAY’s Take, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Tamron Hall discuss the backlash over the Vogue over featuring Kim Kardashian and her fiancé, Kanye West. “I don’t quite understand this controversy,” says Al. “This is a gorgeous cover.”  Al and Willie reveal their own version of the cover.

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>> welcome to "today" on a monday morning. it's march 24th , 2014 .

>> he's back!

>> he's back!

>> back on the block. i'm willie geist along with al and tamron. natalie has the day off. what is it? like 30 degrees today?

>> it's terrible.

>> come on, spring.

>> not quite.

>> bring spring back with you from your spring break .

>> it was warmer where i was than it was here.

>> antarctica?

>> there's snow tomorrow, right?

>> yeah.

>> did you have a good time?

>> i had a great time.

>> we went out west skiing. my kids are 6 and 4. and to see 4-year-old george who comes up to about my knee.

>> that's george in the blue.

>> in the blue.

>> to go up a chair lift to the top of the colorado rockies without us. he's with an instructor. but we're like, is this okay?

>> i thought he just left.

>> extreme skiing by himself.

>> that's impressive.

>> they learn so fast at that age and so low to the ground, no fear.

>> no fear.

>> go, george .

>> it was a good trip. but i'm glad to be back.

>> glad to have you back.

>> boy, tons of news going on. the state of washington where the governor has declared a state of emergency after the deadly mudslide wiped out two communities on saturday. at least eight people dead, another 23 missing at this point. 23 missing. check out the photo here. this is what the area looked like before the mudslide. about an hour north-northwest of seattle. here's what it looked like after.

>> and they had mudslides in this area, but nothing like this.

>> what causes the conditions to be right for something like this?

>> well, they've been getting heavy rain there over the last few weeks. almost 8 inches of rain. and so you have this shifting going on underneath the topsoil, an erosion. and all of a sudden, you know, it just gives way with no warning.

>> rescuers say they could hear people crying out for help.

>> 15 feet to 20 feet of mud. this is like trying to go through cement. you know, wet cement .

>> as rescue teams pulled a 6-month-old baby and six others out alive. unfortunately at a press conference, they went out and they haven't heard the cries they were hearing earlier in the weekend. greg's brother john and sister-in-law chris are among the missing .

>> their voices they're hearing are encased in 20 feet of mud. if someone can survive it, it's him. and his wife, i'm sure.

>> gosh. we're thinking about those families. i mean, you talk about 23 people missing, and it happens in a flash. no way to prepare for it.

>> no warning. nothing. this is like -- if you think of an avalanche.

>> right.

>> except with rock and mud and trees and debris. i mean, it literally takes out homes, cars. anything in its path.

>> i guess these were two kind of old fishing villages with older, smaller homes. and it looks like they didn't stand much of a chance.

>> quite frankly --

>> it's completely leveled out there. when i saw this last night on "nightly news," i've never heard of anything like this kprascomparable with a mudslide that swept away so much and so many lives.

>> and it was really heartbreaking for the rescuers. they had to leave because it wasn't safe.

>> right.

>> and they could hear people. as a rescuer, first responder, that's got to tear you apart.

>> we hold out hope.

>> yeah.

>>> uplifting news as we hold out hope for those folks, definitely, in washington state . one of the boston marathon survivors is about to be a dad. you certainly, i hope, remember this iconic image. taken moments after the bombing, you see his leg there just mangled after that explosion. the man in the cowboy hat was carlos aridando. well, he announced now he's engaged, expecting his first child with his girlfriend erin hurley. the baby is due this summer. nothing like a summer baby. little t-shirts on. so cute. anyway --

>> you got into that --

>> i love summer babies. i love it. you don't see them in the winter. when winter babies are all bundled up and there's a joy when you see them finally --

>> see the fat rolls on the arms.

>> enough about me.

>> enough about al. anyway, made the announcement on the charity facebook page. last july, he talked with brian about the experience, of course, standing there when the explosion itself took place. but today, celebrating his life and the new life that's on the way. so congratulations. so sweet. we love that.

>> love that.

>> spreading good news. love that.

>> congratulations.

>> now, here's a story that i don't quite understand this controversy.

>> we don't either.

>> i don't get it.

>> it's the cover issue of april "vogue," all right. kim kardashian and kanye west are together on -- and look, i'm not a huge kanye fan. but this is a gorgeous couple.

>> the dress is stunning.

>> she's stunning, he looks great. they're in love.

>> right.

>> people have gone nuts online about this. just so upset about this cover. i don't understand it.

>> i guess the criticism -- i don't share it, but i guess the criticism is that "vogue" occupies a rarefied air in fashion. and that a reality tv star should not be on the cover. i don't get that argument, quite. but a lot of people have advanced that.

>> number one, to your point, he's done shady things that i could go on about, definitely, but he is --

>> little conservative there.

>> i could have gone with the other thing. nevertheless, he is a designer, she's a designer. he is, in my opinion, one of the best hip hop musicians in the business right now. and you can have opinions, but i think this whole ground swell of going on to twitter and facebook and just tearing people down. it's a magazine, which i subscribe to, by the way, and i love it. it's a fashion magazine , not the nobel prize journal. anna winter might ban me, which i would never be on anyway, but it's "vogue," it's a fashion magazine . it's a fashion magazine . what's the problem?

>> so the blog, the fashion blog tweeted there's a difference between controversial and classless. learn it. sarah michelle gellar tweeted, well, i guess i'm canceling my "vogue" subscription.

>> sarah michelle seems like she would be a really fun person to hang out with, i don't know why you have to tweet it out. just cancel it. and i don't like when people say, who's with me? if you believe in it, stand on your own and cancel it. why do you have to get the mob --

>> the great thing about it is in the social media world, when something like this happens, people are going to jump on the bandwagon.

>> i love this.

>> "vague" magazine. kermit and miss piggy .

>> but someone is upset.

>> you've got james franco and seth rogan . and one other one that came out. oh! oh!

>> willie, your arms are so thin!

>> i know. i work on my arms a lot.

>> did you do that on the spring break ?

>> i was a little bustier than i'd like.

>> and the way al is caressing you, it reminds me of when you both kissed on air.

>> no, no, we're not going back there.

>> come on.

>> we're not going back there.

>> give me some happiness.

>> i've got a framed copy for you.

>> nothing says welcome back like a wedding photo.

>> hang in the bedroom so when christine wakes up. she can look and see --

>> your sweet, sweet caress. reminds me of prom, we went to prom together. that same pose.

>> look how happy you look.

>> it was a beautiful day . and if there's controversy about it, so be it, sarah michelle .

>> i didn't want that shoot to end. i really didn't.

>> surely we have better things to do with our time than worrying about "vogue" covers.

>> we're not worried about it.

>>> i've got a great, great piece of video to show you. it's incredible. magic for dogs posted on youtube three days ago. already has more than 4 million views. it's a magician who is tricking dogs. it's just terrible.

>> no fair.

>> what?

>> scooby - doo ? aw. look, he's like, come on.

>> come on.

>> give it up.

>> got it.

>> did you drop it? i thought it was right there.

>> which way did it go?

>> i know it was here.

>> aww.

>> give him the treat already.

>> come on. all right. come on. okay. the heck with you.

>> not falling for this nonsense you've got going on. he's not having it.

>> went after him. they cut the video right there. sally took him down.

>> i love the one dog