TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Al meets Jeff Dunham and his dummy, Walter

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham joins TODAY's Al Roker to chat about his latest tour, and Al imitates the signature grumpy face of Dunham’s dummy, Walter.

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>> dvds and his online videos have 500 million views. he's crowned the world record holder for the most tickets sold for a world comedy tour.

>> 15 years, you'll see.

>> i'll see what?

>> remember when you said till death do us part ?

>> yeah.

>> later you realize you're actually setting a goal.

>> jeff and walter. nice to see both of you.

>> nice to see you, al.

>> it's so great being here. i've got to show you one thing.

>> okay.

>> look at this. us together. who is this right here? it's obama and biden. us like this. don't you think?

>> the vice president has more hair.

>> i can see it.

>> do you still love touring?

>> we're all over the place. we're going to be doing shows all over the place. starting in canada, the uk, australia, south africa .

>> get this, we're going to be doing shows in tel aviv , israel.

>> wow.

>> yeah. yeah.

>> also kuala lumpur , as well, singapore and end up in pearl harbor .

>> you know, you're one of the last real practitioners of this art. do you find that people are -- it's kind of old school, yet it still works. people get it.

>> it's funny, entertaining, make people laugh, that's all that matters. we're all over the place and the fans are awesome and that's why we're here.