TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Carson cooks with ‘Laura in the Kitchen’

In TODAY’s new series “Fresh Cooks Live,” popular YouTube cook Laura Vitale teaches Carson Daly how to make a delicious, spring-inspired risotto primavera, as well as raw vegetable salad.

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>>> know if they've indulged yet, but let's remind everybody, laura, what we've got going on. spring is here, we've got a little bit of olive oil shallots, very easy risotto.

>> no, not intimidating at all. i'm going to add that to my base that we cook, you know, the traditional way you cook risotto. a little bit of olive oil , onions, garlic, the usual suspects, a little bit of celery. fed it with stock, adding a good splash of wine.

>> are you going to add anything to that? a little bit of oil, salt. parmesan cheese , butter.

>> we're going to add it now. this is what's going to make it. we're going to add the parmesan cheese and butter.

>> i'm going to stir that. what's the dessert you're going to make with this?

>> blueberry turnovers.

>> this looks amazing.

>> yeah, they're really, really easy to make. i've got some fresh blueberries, a lovely filling that's going to resemble almost the taste of a cheesecake.

>> right.

>> that's going to be delicious and we'll wrap them in puff pastries and they'll be good to go in the oven. i'm going to rinse my blueberries quickly. i want to get those rinsed and ready to go.

>> laura came over from italy. started cooking a lot and youtube, you have over 1 million people online, self-made cooks and people inspired by you. and it's a fantastic business. social media . did you ever think you'd be able to have this career you wanted. you did it without anybody's help.

>> i wanted it. it was very difficult. like i mentioned before, you're used to the amazing world of beautiful people make great food and it just --

>> but it's attainable.

>> it is attainable. you don't have to go to cooking school . i didn't go to cooking school . you just have to have passion for it. that's my motto. if you like it, if you have passion, you're good to go. i'm just going to get some lemon juice into my blueberries with corn starch and sugar.

>> should i pull this off the heat?

>> yep. turn it off right now. it's nice and velvety. it's the perfect texture.

>> yeah.

>> i'm also going to -- that's perfect. i'm going to grab some puff pastries. i'm going to flour my surface.

>> did we blow off the spring salad and go for dessert?

>> but it's lovely, simple, flavorful and fresh vegetables available in pretty much every supermarket. and we're going to pair that with lovely salt and pepper and fresh herbs and we're ready to go. i'm going to roll this out a little tiny bit. if you would crack this egg in here for me and give it --

>> i will.

>> i'm rolling out my puff pastry a little bit and take a biscuit cutter and make little circles out of there. and what i have in this little bowl here, i've got my premixture, cream cheese , little bit of vanilla. again, give you that same flavor, almost like a cheesecake. i'm going to add that to the center of the pastry. i'm going to top that with a blueberry mixture.

>> what is this egg wash going to do?

>> seal everything together and stay sealed.

>> and provide a little bit of golden brown .

>> provide a little bit of color on the top. and these two for now.

>> we've got the fresh vegetables, the risotto going. matt and al and savannah, if they want to taste a little bit of this.

>> what do you think, guys?

>> what do you think?

>> just amazing.

>> the spring salad is delicious.

>> it's terrific.

>> you see? it added a little something special to the dish, didn't it?

>> light and healthy, too.

>> it is.

>> guilt-free.

>> it is.

>> and it's still a little chilly out, you've got a little bit of heartiness and winter feel the spring vegetables makes it feel like spring.

>> exactly.

>> the dessert is amazing. this pastry is awesome.

>> that good, too?

>> i'm happy to hear that.

>> no wine. what are you washing this back with?

>> water.

>> that's boring.

>> it's 8:55 in the morning, carson.

>> it is?

>> this isn't kathie lee and hoda.

>> i'm going to -- i've got turnovers here ready to go. sprinkle them with powdered sugar .

>> thank you so much. thank you, guys. thank you online head to for more and this recipe.