TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Waze, Pushpins: Apps to save you time and money

TODAY digital expert Mario Armstrong demonstrates some of the latest apps that can help make your daily tasks a little bit easier.

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>>> if you're short on time and could use a little extra cash, your cell phone could hold the solution. today's digital expert mario armstrong is here with some of his favorite new apps. good morning to you.

>> how are you?

>> i'm fine. one of yours on the list is called ways. i installed it on my phone last night. had a little trouble starting because i forgot to tell it where i was, so it couldn't tell me where i was going. this is a gps traffic type app.

>> what makes this different is you get realtime traffic conditions from other people on the same route you're going. so right now, i've plugged in -- we're at rockefeller center and headed to ft. lee. so on the map, i could actually see a bunch of icons. red lines , yellow lines , traffic speeds. it really gives me an indication from other people along the same route what's happening on the road.

>> you need a little education as to what all those icons and symbols mean, though?

>> some of them are happy faces , some of them are obvious. you'll see a little traffic cop. you know that's a speed camera or a visible cop around. other things happy faces or evil faces, mad faces.

>> people can tell you where the traffic is and construction is. do they then give you more information how long it might last?

>> sure. you can comment, give that, get construction, traffic accidents , all types of other delays, as well. speed. so if there is something happening up ahead, they can let you know. in 15 minutes , it's going to clear.

>> that was called ways, download it for free.

>> a lot of people spend a lot of hours in their cars.

>> true.

>> this is a big time saver.

>> this one you like called push pin and great for saving time and money on shopping .

>> on shopping . we spend a lot of time and hours shopping . here's the thing about push pins . what's great about this. pull it up here. right away, create different lists. i have a dessert list, groceries list and chicken dinner list. what i love about this, when i go shopping in the aisles, it breaks it out. i can go to the breakfast aisle, i'm not bouncing all around the grocery store trying to complete my list.

>> if you have a recipe, gives you the ingredients you need. you go to the store, you know what you're shopping for.

>> and you can share the list and get coupons and clip them, as well. saves money and time.

>> all right. the last one is called poach it. this is great for saving money if you have a particular item you're looking to buy. you like this more on a computer?

>> yeah, this works better, built for the computer. about 400 hours or so per year spent online shopping . you go to set up your profile. i'm tracking a number of items. how this works, matt. i actually shop like i normally would. go to macy', and i hit the poach it button and that tracks it and sends me an e-mail alert when it drops.

>> even if it's something you don't need to buy that day if you have patience and want to buy it in a week, it gives you feedback as to where the price is going.

>> and not only that. when i'm shopping for my wife for a coat, i can see the pattern of the coat where it was at $169 originally, now at $50. i can see the trend line where it is.

>> one of the major complaints people have when they're using shopping sites is that the promotional codes don't work. how does this --

>> wasting a lot of time with that. they have proprietary patent technology that validates the coupon codes before it gets to it.

>> so you don't waste time.

>> they show up on their site, work.

>> go over them again. ways --

>> ways for driving, push pins for your groceries and to track the items you want.

>> how much is that basketball going to cost?

>> this is $299 but cost me --

>> $299.

>> march madness , not your average basketball. smart sensors to give you the best grip, best shot and best dribble.

>> $29.99, i can get two of them.

>>> fresh cooks live, laura's going to show us what she's creating. hopefully you've got something very similar that you're working