TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

New show takes science to the streets

Tim Shaw, host of the new National Geographic show “None of the Above,” challenges TODAY’s anchors to balance a bicycle wheel on one sprocket, then demonstrates how it can be done.

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>>> the host of " none of the above " on the national geographic channel . he's part of a unique brand of science. tim, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> in all of the reviews of the show, people refer to you as the irreverent engineer. do you like that label?

>> i do live science. this isn't a magic show. magic's not real. this is real stuff, real science. i go to the streets basically and take a subject and do it as an experiment. and just before i carry it out, i say what's going to happen. here you go.

>> get ready.

>> a bike wheel . and the challenge is, i'd like you to see if you can balance that on a finger. no pregnant ladies allowed i've been told.

>> oh, wow. okay.

>> just from here on one side.

>> on the --

>> absolutely.

>> he can do it. come on.

>> it is going to go. hold on. let go.

>> we'll hold your mike.

>> i've got to see this.

>> not good.

>> all right. check this out. anyone else want a go?

>> no.

>> i just want to see how this is done.

>> it's called gyroscopic perception.

>> oh.

>> and that's one of the simpler ones. some of the challenges you give people are rather complex.

>> we do explosions. we do huge dominos, all sorts of massive experiments. small ones, big ones , this is a moderate one. it's a tiny one, quite frankly, but pretty cool thing.

>> that's cool.

>> but the idea it gets people to open their eyes to the wonders of the world around them.

>> and using words like science and experiment. the show is tonight at 9:00. and my bosses told me if the show rates well, i can come back to america.

>> wow.

>> you put a lot on the line.

>> well, you guys need to come over to england.

>> you're never going home . i'll tell you that.

>> good luck.

>> thank you.

>> all right. if you don't watch it tonight, room 913. my room at 9:00. come and join me.

>> all right. there you go.

>> it premieres tonight on natgeo 9:00 eastern. or visit him in his hotel tell room. your choice.