TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Giraffe gives dying zoo worker poignant goodbye

A giraffe offers a touching goodbye to a dying man who asked as a last wish to be taken to a Netherlands zoo, where he’d worked for 25 years.

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>> all right. well, now to a photo that's been liked from 27,000 times on facebook. the man in the picture. his name is mario. and he worked in the zoo where he developed a bond with beautiful animals who call it home. more recently he developed terminal cancer and it was his dying wish to pay a final visit to that zoo. and there you see what happened next, a giraffe leaning in for a last good-bye. one eyewitness -- it's heartbreaking. hard to see. but you know it meant the world to him to be there.

>> they have that bond. wow. that's so sweet.