TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Is Obama ditching his beloved BlackBerry?

The White House is reportedly testing alternate smartphones for internal use, and considering an Android phone for President Obama, BlackBerry’s most famous customer.

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>>> "what's trending today." and here's a question for you. is president obama finally ready to part with one of his most prized possessions? not joe biden , savannah.

>> getting me in trouble.

>> since he first took office in 2008 , he said there were two habits he could not kick, smoking and using a blackberry. well, he ditched cigarettes a long time ago and now his beloved smartphone could get the boot. in what would be a symbolic blow to struggling blackberry, the " wall street journal " saying the white house is testing phones from samsung and lg. spokesperson at the white house pushing back saying no changes are imminent. apparently other phone companies have made great strides coming up with phones that are more and more secure, which is one of the reasons he was hanging on to his blackberry.

>> not just the blackberry you get over at radioshack.

>> not your grandfather's --

>> it's like the one thing they could say. the president