TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Family finds deer stuck in their fence

A Massachusetts family found a live deer tangled in their backyard fence on Sunday. They loosened up the fence posts and freed the animal, who appeared unharmed.

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>>> and take a look at what a massachusetts family saw when they woke up sunday morning. initially, look closely. yes, they thought it was just a couple of tree branches leaning against their backyard fence. yes, matt, that is ha deer. after getting a closer look, it's a deer. the family loosened the fence post and freed the animal. it ran back where it belongs in the woods, seemingly unharmed.

>> how did it get like that?

>> that's the mystery.

>> jumping over?

>> probably did.

>> 7:17, the mystery --

>> smart of that guy to be on that side of the fence.

>> right.

>> how did he free him?

>> he just sort of --

>> we're going to call them. going to investigate. i'm on it.

>> okay.

>> you'll be interviewing them both tomorrow on "today."

>> get a fence under a buck.

>> that was not good.

>> it's a variation of a little joke.

>> yeah.

>> okay. that was good. better you told that version of it --

>> as opposed to the beer