TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Witness: ‘Terrified screaming’ from Pistorius home

The prosecution is getting ready to wrap up its case as the Oscar Pistorius trial enters its fourth week. Meanwhile, new insight on the athlete’s relationship with his late girlfriend comes from the last interview Reeva Steenkamp gave. NBC national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reports from South Africa.

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>>> let's start this half hour with the murder trial of oscar pistorius , beginning its fourth week here. and the prosecution appears ready to wrap up its case. jeff rossen with us again from pretoria. good morning to you.

>> prosecutors are down to their final four or five witnesses. one of them dramatic on the stand today, saying she heard, quote, terrifying screams that night. also this morning only on "today," we are taking you inside oscar and reeva's relationship. her final interview in her final days opening up about pistorius. what she wanted from him and the lies that could've torn them apart.

>> reporter: week number four well underway and prosecutors today are getting back to the root of their case. with yet another neighbor who says she heard it all.

>> i said to my husband, it sounds to me as if it's a family murder. why else would a woman scream like that? could she really sound terrified?

>> reporter: she insists her balcony window was open with a clear view into the house. prosecutors even showing these photos in court to prove how close they live.

>> i could still hear the screaming up until the second set of shots. i also heard a man screaming. because i remember saying to my husband the man also now is screaming. i could not hear what he was screaming, i could not make out words, but it was a definite male voice.

>> but the defense team still insists she couldn't hear well. what if the screaming wasn't reeva. what if it was a high-pitched oscar ?

>> she cannot be 100% correct in that assertion, can you?

>> in my recollection, i'm 100%, absolutely convinced it was a female.

>> oscar says he had no reason to kill reeva. they were in love. so what was their relationship really like? this morning, we're getting new insight in reeva's own words.

>> reporter: just one week before oscar shot her, reeva gave what would become her final interview to south africa 's "heat" magazine. i absolutely adore oscar , i respect and admire him so much, she said. we wanted to be something fun. we don't want anything serious or boring.

>> i saw oscar and reeva approximately a week before her death at an event and they seemed very much in love.

>> the magazine's editor spent time with them both in the final days. oscar and reeva held hands.

>> they seemed like a young couple in love with no worries in a world. they had this amazing energy around them where everybody's heads were turning to see them because they were so glamorous and gorgeous together.

>> reeva was a model, yes, but hated the stereotype. i want to be seen as a classic model and not a model who uses her body in a trashy way. and on her relationship with oscar keeping it out of the media spotlight. they always make things up. reeva cheats on oscar and rubbish like that. i don't want anything coming in the way of his career. he's such an amazing athlete, and i wouldn't want lies.

>> it was very clear to us that reeva was very concerned about oscar 's career and his reputation. and it's so sad and bizarre her death was actually the cause of it all to end anyway and his career to be over and his reputation.

>> reporter: of course, oscar pistorius says this was all an accident. and we may hear it from oscar himself. we were told he is likely to take the stand in his own defense as early as this week. also, still to come on the prosecution side, we're expecting the police cell phone expert to reveal deleted messages from his iphone and reeva's iphone the day of the shooting. as you know by now, we're here watching it for you.

>> thank you very much.