TODAY   |  March 24, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel snaps selfie with Clintons

Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton took a group selfie with comedian Jimmy Kimmel at the Clinton Global Initiative over the weekend. Kimmel tried to press Hillary on whether she’ll run for president. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>> that's right. any buddy jimmy kimmel hosted a nice question and answer with the clintons. at the clinton global initiative university, jimmy did a nice job. had funny moments with the former first family. ultimately, trying to press hillary on are you going to run in 2016 ? she didn't give up much. she said i'm obviously thinking about all kinds of decisions. jimmy had funny lines. he said if you do run or when you decide to run, are you going to use the clinton campaign lawn signs? also saying, is chelsea going to get her room back? or are you going to convert that into a home gym? they got a group selfie. just like the oscar one. jimmy did it with the clintons. three clintons and a kimmel. it's been re-tweeted over 8,000 times. got us thinking we'd like to see your selfie today. i had to bring out my selfie stick. they make these now. i'm going to come over there, we're going to do a groupie and ask you to take your groupie, your selfie and add #orangeroom. and we'll take ours in a minute.

>> they actually sell those sticks?

>> the selfie stick.

>> and they call it a groupie.

>> they follow themselves --

>> i haven't seen that.

>> wow.

>> highly convenient to carry. who wouldn't want to have that around in case?