TODAY   |  March 23, 2014

How to turn your home into the perfect place for a workout

As part of TODAY’s 30 Days to a Better You series, Jenna Wolfe offers the latest apps and tips on how to turn any home into a personalized gym.

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>>> this morning on " 30 days to a better you," bringing the gym to you.

>> turns out you don't have to leave the house to get in a great workout.

>> this is great news for beginners. if you have a smart phone , anything around the house, you, too, can work out.

>> good. keep those heels on the ground.

>> if the key to a healthy lifestyle is to stay active and keep moving , even if you never have time to get to the gym, even if you never have the guts to go sign up for a new class. not too worry, there's an app for you. pick your workout and download your trainer. bike? pilates, zumba, it's all right here. apps are so popular experts say by 2016 fitness apps are expected to grow to $400 million. so when it comes to trying something new, there's no better place to start.

>> we really need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone in part so we can be creative and also it increases ourself esteem.

>> reporter: in boston gogi elizabeth morrow kick started yoga by numbers.

>> this is like yoga meets twister almost?

>> exactly. people say that when they see it. it makes me happy because they see it and get it.

>> reporter: she says she created her dvd and numerical mat to break down barriers.

>> people get hung up on that feeling that they're not going to be good enough at it to do it publicly. that's part of what i want to create, is putting the imagery out there so people feel good about themselves.

>> we'll bring our right foot and bring it to 20.

>> however you choose to get started, the key is just that, get started. break out of that comfort zone . try something new.

>> with your left hand see if you can touch number 18 . no matter what, please, please have fun doing it.

>> thank you very much for posing for me. i appreciate it.

>> it was all in good fun. i want to quickly talk about my favorite app out there. it's an app called lose it. it is one of the best apps out there to track your food and exercise. you can scan a bar code . they've got menu items. it's soaks tensive. you can put in any kind of enter size and tell them how long you did it and it will tell you how much you would have to do to bush. we'll do an entire upper body workout with two cans of soup real quick. so easy. you want to work your arms. bicep curls , keep them at your side. palms will face in. bring it up and in. so easy. i want you to do 50 of these, then turn around and do 50 curls. stomach tight the whole time. then put them down. let's go all the way back without bending over.

>> plighting the coat.

>> once you do that, i want you to clap back together. you start feeling that in the triceps. 50 of those.

>> this is tough.

>> hold this and bring it to the front.

>> tough for you to watch.

>> and then down. you do 50 reps, you will work just about all parts, biceps, triceps, shoulders.

>> that's manageable. you're cooking dinner and you can do that.

>> all pureries the soup.

>> let's move on to lower body. i want you to sit in front of a chair, spread your legs a little bit, shoulder width apart. sit down as quietly as possible.

>> slowly, right?

>> yes. your weight through your heels. come back up.

>> pretty easy.

>> try to knock out between 30 and 75, maybe even a hundred of those. we'll come back.

>> we'll feel that.

>> you guys are counting, right? was that 25 or 26?

>> fun, easy ways anybody anywhere can work out any time.

>>> we'll take a break and