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TODAY   |  March 23, 2014

6 seconds of fame: Meet the stars of Vine

“Be explosively different,” said Vine star Nicholas Megalis, speaking about how to make an impact on the mobile app. He shared his story on how to shoot a successful video, and the TODAY anchors tried making their own. NBC’s Joelle Garguilo reports.

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>>> six seconds to make a big impression , you need to be as creative as possible. that's the premise behind vine, an app that? lets you create six-second looping videos.

>> anybody can make them. and believe it or not, there are people who make a living off of them. we caught up with a break-out start and asked him to put his skills to test with a 94-year-old grandmother. here is joelle gargiulo.

>> reporter: if somebody says the word vine, you might think of this or this. however, these are vines.

>> hurry up. we're going to be late for the bus.

>> reporter: it's a mobile app that let's users create six-second videos that play over and over like this. it's a mobile app that let's users create six-second videos that play over and over like this.

>>> unlike places where celebrities reign supreme , here you'll find names like jerome, brittany and nicholas .

>> they're dubbed vineleberties.

>> why sever body afraid of love. love!

>> reporter: six seconds at a time.

>> it snuck in.

>> reporter: they might seem silly. but for comedian and musician nicholas , they're serious business. he makes a living thanks to vine.

>> nobody messing with this funny sweatshirt.

>> before vine i was a babysitter, i was doing commercial music work, just getting by.

>> how has vine affected your bottom line?

>> it's opened up a new world for me.

>> reporter: it includes marketing collaborations with companies like trident and virgin mobile , a place on the vma red carpet and an album in the works. it's hard to fit anything into six seconds these days, but nicholas has perfected it, so much so he says he can make just about anyone on the app.

>> reporter: nin? how about 94-year-old and her friend. grandma fran and giancarlo. at first they didn't get it.

>> kitchen table opera!

>> reporter: take after take, it became clear just how much time goes into six second.

>> hanging out with grandma fran . can i be your man?

>> you sure can.

>> reporter: after a two-hour session, grandma fran grabbed more than 40,000 likes, 5,000 followers.

>> i had a ball.

>> reporter: nicholas 's secret?

>> be explosively different. be unique, be yourself.

>> reporter: for "today," joelle gargiulo.

>> loving it. putting one of these together isn't as easy as you think. we know firsthand because we each made one to share with you. that wasn't why i was gone yesterday. i went away for a whole day for a six-second video. let's start with dylan and see what she came up with.

>> oh, there you are. i found spring. i found spring. oh, there you are. i found spring. i found spring.

>> very cute idea.

>> actually took me two days to put it together. i knew i was going to the macy's flower show, soy had to set it up the day before. my husband had to tape it and i had to pause it for little bit and wait till the next day till i went to the flower show.

>> let's look at erica's vine now.

>> a football theme.

>> i had help from shayna.

>> that's when it gets funny.

>> who came up with the idea?

>> i don't know. i think it was a group effort. it might have been sal. might have been shayna.

>> jenna has a special guest star .

>> this is the beach harper. this is the beach harper.

>> okay. you win.

>> you really shouldn't let her wade in the hudson river , by the way. i don't think it's healthy.

>> her first time at the beach. we have all these apps where we can document it. that was in puerto rico .

>> i can watch that over and over .

>> mine involved -- well, a snowball fight with myself. take a look.

>> you're not going to get me. got him!

>> not going to get me. got him. someone sent me a message that i have too much time on my hands .

>> again, lester was working yesterday.

>> actually i was in the middle of a "dateline" shoot.