TODAY   |  March 22, 2014

Get moving: Become a tourist in your own town

Wrapping up the third week of Jenna Wolfe’s “30 Days to a Better You,” Wolfe headed to Baltimore to see how to incorporate fitness and fun by being a tourist in your own town.

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>>> you up and moving.

>> for us, new york city is full of tourist attractions . time square , rockefeller plaza .

>> there's a lot of places. i took a tour.

>> what's the name of that building? a little geography earned and calories burned. the perfect offering in baltimore , one of the most physically inactive cities in the country.

>> baltimore .

>> big arms.

>> this outdoor gym class is a city tour, elite city tours.

>> keep pushing. perfect.

>> for every landmark, there's a lung.

>> erica, is this tour for mainly out of towners that want to get fit?

>> absolutely not. you can be a tourist in your own town.

>> a shuffle or crab walk. the mind and muscles working together in baltimore . 31% of the adult population is obe obese. one in ten is diabetic.

>> my kids grab two bags of cheese chips because they're 50 cents . raspberries are $4.

>> she makes a point to incorporate fitness into her daily curriculum.

>> some give out jolly ranchers . i give out burpees.

>> a group of teachers are getting ready to tour and test their vertical leading by example.

>> this is the first structure in the inner harbor . anyone not know that?

>> showing their students that same fit can be a good time. being a tourist in your own town can bring both a little zen and