TODAY   |  March 22, 2014

Will ‘Divergent’ be the next big blockbuster?

The studios behind the new film “Divergent,” which is set in a post-apocalyptic America, are hoping that the new movie will bring success similar to films like “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games.” NBC’s Joe Fryer reports, with an interview with E! News' Alicia Quarles.

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>>> saturday morning with today's hollywood headlines. the new movie to hit theater this is weekend hoping to reach goals. will

>> it might be an understatement to say expectations are high for "diver gent" the thriller to catapult careers.

>> maybe your whole lives will change.

>> it's hard really.

>> diver gent is set in the future where society is divided into five factions based on traits like honesty and intelligence. the movie stays true to its source, a series of best selling books aimed at adults, a much more desired demographic that's hard to please.

>> just because it's a best seller doesn't mean it automatically translates to a movie franchise . it has predecessors, two mega hits. the "hunger games" movie earned $150 million in the first weekend and "twilight" also set the bar high for divergence.

>> the studios are now officially green lighting a sequel which means hopes are high that diver gent won't divert from the path from the box office .

>> diver gent has competition this weekend from the monuppets. we have that and other hollywood headlines.

>> good to see you.

>> they're both in the family drama ra. money mets most wanted $25 million. not really. four muppets have been pushing it everywhere. diver gent signs up for two more movies. they want this to be like a twilight franchise or hunger games. it's in the media blitz. miss piggy was here. we interviewed her. they've been everywhere. which do you want to see?

>> i want to see diver gent.

>> i'm going to see "frozen" for the 9 millionth time at my house.

>> that's not a bad thing.

>> "twielight" did $66 million. "hunger games" blew everything out of the water. it's getting compared because it started like jennifer laurence and independent role. next starts filming in may.

>>> let's get to the oscar moment with john travolta where he said her name quite off. he put out statements apologizing, sent her flowers. we're hearing from her what she had to say.

>> she's on the cover and billboard. she is saying all is forgiven. before this, she wasn't necessarily a household name . now everybody is talking about her. she's going through a divorce now. people are talking about.

>> ellen came out at the end of the performance and was like idina menzel ten times.

>> she said i benefitted from it. everyone is saying my name.

>> she benefitted correctly.

>>> justin timberlake is trying to track down a couple?

>> he's trying to track down a couple using the #have you seen this couple.

>> it appeared on a music video on ellen . a couple was proposing on the train to his song.

>> the guy played the song holding it up.

>> it's not a bad thing. he has film makers trying to find them. ellen is like, have you seen them? apparently it really happened.

>> you think the couple would come right out.

>> everybody is saying, was it a stunt?

>> maybe they're waiting to get him to agree to sing at their wedding.

>> something is happening. smart couple.

>>> speaking of couples. kid and c -- kim and can youkanye get the cover they wanted.

>> this couple does it. maybe he didn't beg anna personally. he told ryan seacrest to give her everything she deserves. she deserves the cover. this is a whole different level. when you've been on the cover of vogue, you're crossing over .

>> she couldn't get in the vanity fair party. kanye was upset about weather.

>> she was on the cover of vogue. that was the video of parity. they shot behind the scenes with their daughter. when she went there, it's next level.

>> not too shabby. nice to