TODAY   |  March 22, 2014

Meet the quints! Texas parents introduce their 5 newborns

"I look forward to ball games and taking kids to different events so I think we're going to have a wonderful and fun-filled life," said Michelle Seals, the new mom of quintuplets. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>>> times over. a texas family grew three to eight in a mat over minutes with the birth of quintuplets. we have that story and a look at doctors and nurses that helped bring the adorable babies into the world.

>> they say everything is bigger in texas. at least one hospital thinks so after a big delivery.

>> i love little babies . now that i have five, you know, my hands will be full.

>> michelle and stephen are now the proud parents of quintuplets. the first set ever delivered at the baylor university medical center in dallas. two dozen doctors and nurses were on hand tuesday.

>> this was new territory for us. we're used to multiples but organizing for five requires a lot.

>> grant, gracie, rayleigh. all weighing under four pounds. adorable babies born at 29 weeks.

>> i'm happy we got as far as we did. that's really a milestone.

>> all are in the neonatal al i icu and expected to stay a few more weeks.

>> looking forward to ball games and taking kids to different events. i think we'll have a wonderful and fun filled life.

>> the couple had trouble conceiving and turned to fertility drugs . mom had been on bedrest the final seven weeks of her pregnancy.

>> right afterwards i was very sore.

>> they now have six kids. they have another boy brady. no word how he'll react.

>> i don't know how to prepare a 2-year-old for something this big.

>> looks like mom is still getting use to the idea.

>> we're not prepared. we'll have a lot to do.

>> how you feeling?

>> dad obviously has a lot on his mind. >

>> s clothes, cars, prom dresses , college tuition . we'll take it one day at a time and see what happens.

>> nbc news atlanta.