TODAY   |  March 22, 2014

Internal revenue selfies: Man takes pictures as proof for IRS

Andrew Jarvis lives in Philadelphia but works in New York, and took photos of himself in case he was ever audited and needed to prove residency. His daughter posted the photos, and they soon went viral. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> we know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words . in this next story, the pictures may have been worth thousands of.

>> jenna is in the newsroom and can explain this.

>> carson, you having identity crisis now?

>> you want to switch at any moment, i'm down.

>> i'm good. we're in the middle of tax season, making sure financial matters are in order. hopefully the irs is not watching. selfies come into place. andrew jarvis lives in philadelphia, works in new york and has a home in new york city . he checked tax rules and in order to avoid taxes in new york, he has to live in philadelphia more than half the year. andrew did not want to tempt the irs . he took pictures of himself in case he was ever audited as proof that's where he was. his daughter anne recently found the photos and figured the irs isn't watching. let's hope they are. she started instagram with internal revenue selfies. it has gone viral. the irs has yet to look into andrew . speaking of which, have you filed your taxes yet?

>> oh. nice.

>> irs watch out.

>> i'm good. all good.

>> none of us have done our taxes?

>> not at all.

>> i've thought about it.

>> that's half the battle.

>> i have a pile.

>> i have a pile somewhere.

>> you think about it and then come to the conclusion you're going to do it. then you do it.

>> step one. we're at step one jenna.