TODAY   |  March 22, 2014

Anguish continues for families of missing passengers

Frustrated and furious, the families of the passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane are venting their anger at airline representatives, accusing them of concealing the truth. Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> the news for the plane and 239 on board is in the third week. family members remain on pins and needles . we continue to follow that story. good morning.

>> reporter: hey carson. good morning. all news from australia and chinese is increasing stress on the families. when while we're hearing insurance payments are being triggered now. it's not a reflection on what might or might not have happened to flight 370. it's part of regulations it has to happen. it does nothing to lessen the anxiety and anger felt by relatives. frustrated, furious, families vent anger on malaysian representatives accusing them on concealing the truth.

>> we are here. we want to know what happened.

>> the families felt they hadn't been allowed to ask all their questions. in kuala lumpur , malaysia's transportation minister pledged to do better.

>> wherever they are, we will do everything in our power to keep you informed.

>> this week, painful scenes as a mother tried to talk to reporters and was dragged away by security. families have been provided with counselors.

>> some of them emotionally this will outburst and feel -- then just crying very loudly.

>> relatives wait to hear news from the search thousands of miles away .

>> they are preparing for the worst and praying hard hoping their family members are still a live.

>> meanwhile carson, we have confirmed on the ground a group of relatives were moved from a hotel in order to make space for a team for a motor racing event that's going to happen here. clearly those would have been booked well in advance. it adds to the sense the relatives aren't being treated quite as well as they could be.

>> we're getting that sense. thank