TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Hoda: I don’t like it when people criticize me

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss a New York Times Social Q’s column on whether it’s appropriate to point out a friend’s physical flaw. Hoda says she doesn’t like it when people judge her and recalls how her mother only offered compliments.

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>> hey, everybody. sometimes we're surprise we get on the air. it is try day friday, march 21st . we're so glad you're with us today. hope you're going to have an awesome weekend coming up.

>> we have a very handsome gentleman on the show.

>> people are -- twitter.

>> we don't mean --

>> theo james is here, from the highly anticipated film called "divergent," in line with all the other kinds of films the kids are crazy about.

>> based on a trilogy of books that the teens find and it is all over.

>> you know what i found out about this guy? do you watch "downton abbey".

>> i remember him from that scene.

>> lady mary was --

>> you can say.

>> boinking that guy. he was the --

>> theo .

>> it was so exciting. i'm, like, that's the guy.

>> lady mary killed him.

>> we can't wait to see him.

>> good-bye.

>> our real moms will give their real reviews of the big movie coming up this weekend. we'll speak with theo . and we have the season's very best bags for every occasion, but enough about us.

>> today is national bubble week. it is a very important weekend. it is a whole national bubble weekend.

>> this is what's wrong in a nut shell about our country. we should have started out with national bubble week. but we wait until the end when you can't get any bubbles anymore.

>> try yours. try yours. okay.

>> you keep doing it.

>> don't get it in the wine. protect the wine. just hold it down. oh!

>> save the peanut butter .

>> and the wine.

>> oh, my god. see how much fun this could have been all week long, but no, we start it on a try day friday when it should have been on monday. how long are we supposed to do this?

>> that's good. remember -- three, two, one.

>> all right.

>> remember when we used to do it old school, like that?

>> i never was -- that's pretty darn good.

>> you know they -- bubbles are not new. they were -- they're back -- there is -- the world's record is 181 people --

>> inside a bubble.

>> they set the guinness world record .

>> look at this. that is a real -- that is not an optical illusion . that is a real bubble.

>> all the people were standing there.

>> looks like there is room for more.

>> have you been in the kids museums where they dunk the thing, the big ring around the kid and pull it up like a bubble all around them? that's fascinating.

>> well, we have a -- did you know they have bubbles go back to like the 1700s or something like that? we have a -- yeah, one of the earliest kids toys. we have a picture. where is the picture?

>> we don't have a picture. it is from the 1700s .

>> they had an image of it.

>> where is it? i don't think there was a --

>> i don't care. i never cared about national bubble week to begin with.

>> broken. okay, so, if you were wondering what the ideal day is for your man, you're about to --

>> don't drag me into it.

>> don't make your plans for the weekend because unilever deodorant surveyed all these men. this is what they want to do in their perfect day .

>> remember we have a child here.

>> plug her ears. they would like to spend more than four hours having s-e-x. sex.

>> yes.

>> four hours.

>> that's ridiculous.

>> you show me one other than sting with the tantric thing. then three and a half hours working because they have to save their energy.

>> and three hours with friends and family. the rest they would spend eating, drinking and sleeping. there's not --

>> they revealed something else. almost three-quarters confessed to using their phones or tablets while they were perched on the toilet.

>> and that's one of the reasons i don't want to have sex with them. among many others. okay. i just think -- i think that's really insulting to most men, except for a couple in the room. jerry, are you insulted by that?

>> very.

>> let's stop the male bashing.

>> we're not bashing. we're saying what the survey said from unilever. okay. the deodorant guys. this is a great -- this is a social cues question. comes from the new york times. here is the question, is it okay to point out to a good friend, a physical flaw and recommend plastic surgery ? there was this woman, she says there is a man in her office and she thinks his only obstacle for meeting women is that he doesn't have a good nose. and she wanted to politely figure out if there was a way to say to him, hey, you would benefit from a nose job , why don't you go get one?

>> that's just an incredible question to begin with. it is one thing if somebody says do you think i should have my nose done? if he they suggest it, and honestly, want your opinion. and then you could say, i don't know, why? does it bother you? get a little dialogue. i think it might keep me from getting chicks. let's go through a magazine and find the nose you want and let's go get it.

>> make a way.

>> he says minor surgery may change his life, and you're making such a forward observation may change your relationship. keep your thoughts about his features to yourself or bye-bye friendship.

>> i don't like when people criticize me, how i look and stuff.

>> hardly anybody ever does.

>> people think they can. they're, like, my god, turn around or -- i just get very self-conscious and i think usually i'll ask and i think all my life, like, my mom, no matter what i wore, how heavy i was or anything, she's, like, you look great, i love this shirt. it was like untucked and i looked unkept, but, you know, you don't think about it. when someone does, it is jarring. i can't ever imagine saying to someone -- even about an outfit someone is wearing. if they like it and they feel good in it, why am i saying, you know, something else.

>> words hurt. i tried to tell you. okay.

>> we're very happy today. we have a winner with us today. she won the jif peanut butter contest. miss leah toomey.

>> congratulations.

>> jerry is going to bring a chair for you. how old are you?

>> i'm 12.

>> you're 12 years old. do you know that song "let it go".

>> yeah.

>> do you love the movie?

>> yeah.

>> so many kids come up with their own concoction or special sandwich, tell us about yours.

>> it is called the crunchy creamy dreamy finger sandwich.

>> okay. what's in it?

>> it has peanut butter --

>> jif, right?

>> yes. melted chocolate, lady fingers , but soft lady fingers , right? our craft people today tried to make it, there is no such thing as finding a soft -- what do they call them --

>> lady finger here in new york.

>> you had to bake it or buy it in the store.

>> we bought it.

>> where are you from?

>> allentown.

>> you can get them there, but apparently not in the great -- how did you come up with this? is this the flavors you like?

>> yes. we had to use jif so we found things that go well with peanut butter too.

>> and extra peanuts on the top, right?

>> they're pretzels.

>> aren't you clever. so delicious.

>> are we allowed to try it?

>> yes. what else?

>> cream.

>> there's cream in there? oh, i'll lick off the top.

>> you got a college scholarship , radio ischolarship scholarship, right?

>> yes.

>> $25,000.

>> congratulations. want to see our friday funny. we're ready. okay, laugh. watch the magic happen a young nerve ous lawyer was hired at an established and well known law firm . was getting settled when he noticed a man walking toward his door. wishing to appear busy and important, he picked up the phone and started to have a loud conversation with the pretend client, that's right, that's right, we're going to court about it, that's right. went on and on and on. he gestured for the man to come in as he was throwing around big financial numbers, yeah, yeah, yeah. and wrapped up the fake conversation. finally, believing he had proved to the man he was a serious and forceful lawyer, he hung up and asked a visitor, can i help you? the man said, sure. i've come to install your phone.

>> that's good.

>> you know what --

>> would you like to help us with the baby's johnson --

>> are you a potential news reader, talk show host or a chef.

>> the lady is scaring me.

>> here we go. time for our johnson 's baby announcements, we celebrate new moms and the adorable new additions to their families. the first johnson baby of the week is dylan george carrasco, born in tucson, arizona, on february 18th . mom says her 2-year-old took too her new baby brother right away. she loves to hug him and thinks he's her baby.

>> yes. now to caitlin rogen hanson. when was she born?

>> 15 years before they finally got --

>> no, she was born on february 12th , i think. where? in houston, texas.

>> yes.

>> her parents tried for 15 years before they finally got pregnant and offered this advice. if you're struggling with infertility, don't give up, god answers prayers and miracles still happen. they sure do.

>> our next baby of the week is wesley james provencher born in utah on february 25th . his mom says her son is a big eater who is already growing strong and tall.

>> and our final johnson 's baby of the week is evan jared gibson, born at the darnell army hospital in texas on february 5th . this little guy's dad is a sergeant in the first cavalry division stationed at ft. hood. mom says her son loves to smile. congratulations to all our babies.

>> if you want to submit your baby to be a johnson 's baby of the week, details at

>> and did you taste?

>> i licked the top. we want you to cook with us.

>> chef kelsey nixon will be here to cook with us next week.

>> help us choose what recipe to make. she'll make hot artichoke dip, fried pickles or a ratatouille tart.

>> you would put it all together in one thing.

>> that would be awesome.

>> and add peanut butter to it.

>> go to and vote for the recipe you want to see made.

>> the voting ends later today .