TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Babies! The cutest baby photos of the week

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time again to coo over the adorable baby photos submitted by viewers for Johnson’s Babies of the Week.

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>> our johnson 's baby announcements, we celebrate new moms and the adorable new additions to their families. the first johnson baby of the week is dylan george carrasco, born in tucson, arizona, on february 18th . mom says her 2-year-old took too her new baby brother right away. she loves to hug him and thinks he's her baby.

>> yes. now to caitlin rogen hanson. when was she born?

>> 15 years before they finally got --

>> no, she was born on february 12th , i think. where? in houston, texas.

>> yes.

>> her parents tried for 15 years before they finally got pregnant and offered this advice. if you're struggling with infertility, don't give up, god answers prayers and miracles still happen. they sure do.

>> our next baby of the week is wesley james provencher born in utah on february 25th . his mom says her son is a big eater who is already growing strong and tall.

>> and our final johnson 's baby of the week is evan jared gibson, born at the darnell army hospital in texas on february 5th . this little guy's dad is a sergeant in the first cavalry division stationed at ft. hood. mom says her son loves to smile. congratulations to all our babies.

>> if you want to submit your baby to be a johnson 's baby of the week,