TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

‘Reel’ moms dish on top movies for the weekend

Mom Tara McNamara, Family Circle  lifestyle editor Suzanne Rust and Lyss Stern of discuss the latest “Muppets” movie, the animated flick “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” and more family flicks to see this weekend.

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>>> with our reel moms who are here with their previews of the latest family films .

>> mother of three, tara mcnamara is a fan dango film mom, part of the nbc universal family.

>> suzanne ross has two children and is a lifestyle editor at family circle magazine.

>> and liz stern, founder of viva, three kids.

>> the muppet movie , by the way, we already -- look at kath's face, we had miss piggy on. and there was a throwdown. we already know what kath thinks of the movie. what do you think?

>> i hear the movie is adorable.

>> the most wanted movie family film in theaters this weekend. and big reason why is the story line of an evil kermit look-alike who takes over his life and sends kermit to prison while he goes and runs the --

>> like a prince and the pauper thing but the other way around.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> how does it compare to the other muppet movies?

>> they liked it more. more fun. tina fey is in it. all these wonderful cameos, usher, lady gaga . that's amusing for -- across the board.

>> all the kids except for the baby --

>> my 6-year-old turned to me and said, mom, this is the best one yet.

>> really?

>> but he also likes -- everything involved with it, the puppets, the muppets, came to life, it was great. took us on a european tour throughout europe and it was -- the music and the cameos, ricky gervais , great.

>> three greats.

>> it is a musical and the music, the tunes are catchy. you lean in when you hear that.

>> all right, the next movie is "mr. peabody and sherman ." a lot of people have been waiting for this one.

>> it has been in the movies now for a couple of weeks.

>> it is still a hot ticket seller on fan dango. like number three. and it is from the little cartoon. you don't have to have known that to appreciate this. it is sherman , the most brilliant creature the world has ever known and his adopted human son sherman .

>> i love the relationship between the two of them.

>> it is about time travel . for me, it is about kind of, you know, experiencing history in a fun way, which can get kids to get engaged with history, that's a winner.

>> they're learning something too.

>> yes.

>> they are. they really do get a little broad scope, they go see leonardo da vinci and george washington . gets kids curious. it is a nice family story because families can look like anything. my dog can adopt a boy.

>> i love the theme of adoption between the two of them, that a dog can adopt a little boy , but a little boy can adopt a dog. it was just a really sweet movie --

>> anything goes today.

>> the last one is called "the birder's guide to everything".

>> a little more mature.

>> for tweens, i guess.

>> tell me about that.

>> the coming of age story available on demand today. it is kind of wants to be "stand by me," a teen grieving the loss of his mother, who takes his friends on a journey to find a rare bird . and so it is really about dealing with emotions. a lot of cursing in it, though.

>> there is?

>> there is a character who is, like, 16, and has raging hormones. for me, that character made it -- i didn't --

>> it didn't bother me. i thought was a tender coming of age story and hit on the loss and this child's father is remarrying and the emotions that go through that, are they addressing them.

>> a very real scenario.

>> 15 and up.

>> i'm a little more conservative than you.

>> i say 12 and up.

>> i didn't watch with my 10-year-old. i thought it was to -- to watch the beginning, i thought it was too old for him, i would say anywhere from 14 and above. but i think -- i told my nephews they should go watch it. i think it is a film --

>> sad commentary on our culture.

>> they said the characters were