TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Perfect spring purses for the gym, lunch, more

Shape magazine editor Bahar Takhtehchian shares this season’s latest bags for all areas of your life.

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>> it is time for "today's" style. with spring in the air, time to lighten up your wardrobe and brighten up your bag collection.

>> editor at large for "shape" magazine put together a collection of the perfect purses for every occasion. nice to see you again. so glad to see you, you let yourself go.

>> so let's talk bags.

>> yes.

>> and not us.

>> well, everyone needs a great everyday bag and the key with this is you want to find something fashionable and also practical so you can run your errands and everything.

>> and affordable.

>> definitely affordable. this is from zara, a great bag, i love the feminine silhouette. it looks expensive. only 80 bucks. i love that.

>> fantastic.

>> that's great.

>> these are actually from h&m, they feel so great, the texture is wonderful. $40 each. you can wear this as a shoulder bag . budget friendly, one in each color if you want.

>> i love the tote. this is all about me.

>> it has got to have room for a bowling ball .

>> absolutely. i think this is great for working women because no one wants to carry two bags to watch. these are ivanka trump totes. your laptop in there, your shoes, papers. only $125.

>> great.

>> if you want something more edgy, these are from forever 21 . i love the zipper detailing. 30 bucks, you get these in three different colors.

>> that's amazing.

>> it feels really good too.

>> useful inside lining and everything. great.

>> exactly.

>> it is a bag. sorry.

>> okay.

>> moving on to best bags for the gym, shape magazine , the editors and i always go to the gym, obviously.

>> stop showing off.

>> you're modest too.

>> but for a good gym bag , there is a secret pocket here, you can throw in -- no, you put your hot tools in there, like your flat iron and your --

>> you're protected.

>> you don't have to wait for it to get cool. that's the most important thing.

>> you're on the go.

>> this is from under armour.

>> i love their workout clothes.

>> this is your typical very easy 30 bucks, it will fit everything you want, water bottle and all this other stuff.

>> this is our splurge section. i love this bag from coach. you can use it for weekend, travel, going out.

>> that looks like you.

>> you can do it as a cross body.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> fold it over.

>> stop it. totally cute. under 200 bucks.

>> that mint is so pretty.

>> this is another splurge, $248 from vince camuto. this is the silhouette of the moment.

>> it is.

>> that sort of -- like a v.

>> it is like a -- the side wings and this thing. this is only $248 from vince camuto. i love how fashionable this looks.

>> he's the one with the great shoes too.

>> great shoes as well. this is best backpacks for kids and adults. this is cool, the back tea pack, a physical therapist created this.

>> this is ingenious. all the weight on the --

>> it redistributes it. you're promoting good posture and it helps you relieve back pain. i think some of the camera guys might like this.

>> yeah. i wish they would let kids bring these to school.

>> they will.

>> huge humps on the back.

>> small sizes too. this is another great backpack from air bac. there is a lever here. when you buy this, they pump air into this.

>> what?

>> they pump air into this. when you load it, it is 50% lighter than it would feel. so it is again wonderful for back pain or anybody that has very, very heavy books to carry.

>> these are lunch baggies from lunch skins. paper is wasteful and bags are bad for the environment, put your snacks and sandwiches in there, rewash these.

>> and you wash them afterwards?

>> dish washer.

>> velcro.

>> use them again.

>> you don't need ziploc anymore, but you like ziploc.

>> i can't see through these. i don't know what's in them.

>> better for the environment.

>> finally, everyone needs a lunch box . what is great about this one is you can -- it keeps the food cold for six hours without you putting an ice pack in there or any sort of ice.

>> fantastic.